In journalism, they’re called “Hey Martha” stories, news items so amazing that when you hear them, you just want to shout across the room: “Hey Martha, listen to this!” Here are a few recent examples, culled from countless “WND Scoops” – stories first reported by

The press has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last generation. A field once dominated by the Washington Post, the New York Times and the “big three” broadcast networks today offers a multitude of choices – thanks largely to groundbreaking communications technologies like the Internet. Thus, today many of the hottest stories you hear on cable TV news or talk radio or even the Old Media establishment originate not in corporate mega-newsrooms, but in the revolutionary online world of the “New Media,” where WND has long been the leader.

So for the sake of new readers who may not be familiar with the decade-plus track record of, we present this ongoing feature: “WND Scoops: You read it here first!”

Although by no means an exhaustive listing of original stories, “Scoops” features some of the high-profile stories that have had the greatest impact on Americans over the last 17 years.

Here are links to lists of just some of the stories WND has broken, categorized by year:


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