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There was a man who, every time he went to a friend’s house and was offered a drink of water, would throw it in his host’s face.

After this happened several times, the annoyed host told his guest, “Do me a favor. Go to a psychiatrist and don’t come back until you’ve been cured.”

Hearing that the man had been in intensive psychotherapy for six months, the host invited his guest back.

He gave his guest a drink of water, and, once again, the guest threw it in the face of his host.

“What’s the matter with you?” asked the outraged host. “Haven’t you learned anything in psychotherapy?”

“Yes,” said the guest. “The psychiatrist told me I was cured.”

“Cured?” sputtered the host. “He must be crazy, too.”

“No,” said the guest. “I am cured. I used to feel terrible about doing this. But now that I know why I do it, I don’t feel guilty any more.”

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