Megan Rapinoe (photo courtesy Jamie Smed / Flickr)

Megan Rapinoe (photo courtesy Jamie Smed / Flickr)

Megan Rapinoe, the co-captain of the U.S. women’s World Cup soccer team, has been turning the team’s recent success into opportunities to slam President Trump and display disrespect for the national anthem.

She’s refuse an invitation to the White House and says she wants women soccer players to be paid like men.

Rapinoe is “using the fame generated by being on America’s female soccer team to crap on the country,” said talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“That’s what’s really, really low,” he said Wednesday.

Rapinoe started out attacking the president’s opinions on the LGBT agenda.Limbaugh took her on regarding the money.

“This whole equal pay thing is nothing more than a political attempt at getting Donald Trump,” he said.

“Everything the left does, make no mistake, has one objective: getting rid of Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh said Rapinoe “is the latest prop, the latest person being propped up, the latest Trump killer, if you will. And the way she’s doing: equal pay.”

“All right. Look. If it’s equal pay you’re concerned about, it’s the size of the pie. The market will tell you nine times out of 10 everything you want to know. It’s up to you to accept it or to be offended by it or to be mad at it or to be blockheaded about it and reject it. But here are the numbers.

“Women’s soccer — and the most recent numbers, I think it’s Forbes, but the most recent numbers for the 2010 competitive season, women’s soccer generated $73 million. Yay! The women’s percentage of that pie that they were this paid was 13 percent. Yay! Same year, men’s soccer generated $4 billion,” he said.

“What do we mean ‘generated’? Well, that’s how much people spent buying tickets to attend and watch. That’s how much people spent subscribing to online streams to watch. That’s how much people spent on concessions, parking, travel, licensed merchandise, season tickets; you name it, $73 million to watch the women. Four billion to watch the men.”

To Rapinoe’s claims it’s not fair, he said: “There’s no fairness or unfairness about it. It’s just what is. It’s like saying, ‘It’s not fair that there’s only one black woman in the Senate.’ There’s nothing unfair about it. She’s the only one that’s gotten elected.

“Fairness had nothing to do it. The same thing here. Fairness is not a factor.”

He pointed out the statistics showed women were getting 13 percent of the sport’s revenue, men were getting 9 percent.

He said taking money from the men to give to the women would be unfair.

That would be, he said, “authoritarianism, Stalinism; we’re talking wealth transfers.”

He emphasized that the market determines how much money flows into women’s soccer and how much for the men.

When some people don’t get what they want, he said, they charge unfairness.

“And now expand that and have them all think, what is the great Satan, what is the real enemy, what is it that’s really keeping them down, what is it that’s real subjugating them, what is it that’s really punishing them? Why, it’s the country. It’s America itself and America’s founding. And if you believe that, it doesn’t take much to hear some guy come along and talk about Make America Great Again and for your leaders to say, ‘Yeah, all he wants is to keep you poor and miserable.’

“What’s really not fair, these women playing for national teams, they’re playing on the American national team, and they’re using the fame generated by being on America’s female soccer team to crap on the country. Now, that’s what’s unfair, if you want to really get down to brass tacks. That’s what’s really, really low. You get selected, you earn your way on to the American women’s soccer team, and you use the fame and notoriety of your performance representing America to then turn around and trash it, on the basis that it’s unfair, that it’s not great, that it discriminates. Or, as we all know, that you hate Donald Trump.”


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