Chief Justice Roy Moore is a just and righteous man! He stands for American Judeo-Christian values, and because of that the spiritually bankrupt money changers infesting the temples, aka “the swamp” of both establishment political parties, has been and continues to be bent on destroying him, his loving wife, Kayla, and his entire family. Together, he and Kayla run the aptly named Foundation for Moral Law, based in Montgomery, Alabama.

Last Thursday, I traveled to the Alabama state capital to be present as my good friend and client – “the Chief,” as we who “believe” refer to him – declared his intention to run again for the U.S. Senate. He did so at 2 p.m. central time in a large room on the first floor of his foundation.

See Moore’s announcement:

Among the onlookers, including yours truly, were scores of local and national media, who were anxiously awaiting his imminent and predictable decision to not back down to the godless forces that pervade our body politic today.

Let me get something straight right up front! The Chief, a person who has had the moral courage to stand for principles he believes in, in the name of the Father and his Son, has been viciously attacked, much like President Trump has been attacked for different reasons, because he will not bend to the will of these establishment money changers. In so doing, he has been smeared with false accusations of sexual abuse that allegedly occurred nearly 40 years ago, a staple of the mob mentality today when someone’s reputation and standing in political, legal and other communities must, for nefarious purposes, be destroyed.

Despite having voluntarily taken polygraph tests, which he easily passed, and filing defamation lawsuits that daily are proving his innocence – his female accusers have stonewalled and effectively refused to testify under oath – the Democratic and Republican establishments of both political parties and their allies in the Fake News Media continue to pile on. The persecution of the Chief is endless, because he is a threat to these establishments if elected to the U.S. Senate.

It should be to no one’s surprise that I was drawn to Chief Justice Moore because I admire his principled life and stands, as well as because I identify with what he has endured and continues to go through. As I said when yours truly ran for the U.S. Senate in my home state of Florida in the Republican primary in 2003-2004, I did not want to be a member of the “U.S. Senate Club”; instead I wanted to take a club to the U.S. Senate. Indeed, my motto, borrowing from Grouch Marx, is that I would not want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member. I cannot speak for the Chief, but I am certain that he feels similarly.

In today’s world, with the radical left embedded in the “deep state” of government, the relevant Marx at issue is no longer Groucho, but instead Karl. As the nation is pushed far left by radical socialists, radical feminists, radical gays, lesbians and transgenders, those who do not respect life and the unborn, radical blacks (who this week are even attacking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden), atheists and last but not least those not loyal to our legal system and Constitution but instead who live by other norms such as Shariah law (Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib being just two examples) – the Judeo-Christian beliefs and morals of the Chief, Kayla and other people of faith represent a threat to the growing masses of those who want to destroy the Judeo-Christian vision and construct of our Founding Fathers.

And these sacrilegious purveyors of perverse godless secularism do not just exist on the left; they also are present in the Republican establishment and its collaborators in other shapes and forms.

So it was wholly expected that when the Chief announced his candidacy Thursday he was immediately attacked by the likes of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his minions such as establishment Republican Sen. John Thune – just two examples of the lost souls in today’s less than “Grand Ol’ Party.” McConnell shamelessly even vowed to go to any lengths, along with his hack allies in the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to defeat their fellow Republican from Alabama.

The likes of McConnell, supported in this quest to defeat the Chief by some at Fox News – sadly, even Mark Levin (who ironically is no fan of McConnell) – wasted no time endorsing another candidate just minutes after the Chief announced. But they will not succeed in destroying this good man. In the end, conservatives, and not just in Alabama, are too smart to feed at the trough of political expediency. We the People do not need to elect yet another spineless establishment Republican who, as we all have come to learn over the last many years, will simply occupy space, at our taxpayer expense, in the slippery halls of Congress.

Let everyone remember that the likes of Mark Levin and his buddy Sean Hannity also did not support Donald Trump when he first announced for the presidency. The Donald, while in many respects different than the Chief, has similar courage to stand up to “the swamp” and the Fake News Media. In the end, Trump’s courage prevailed.

I remember thinking to myself in the months and days leading up to the 2016 presidential election – in the face of polls showing that Hillary Clinton would win a resounding victory – that surely God would not allow this to happen. And, indeed my mortal prophecy came to pass. The Father and His Son would not allow Hillary’s compromised and corrupt self to occupy the White House.

I firmly believe that in the case of the Chief, God will again intervene, and the destructive establishment forces of the left and the right that now pervade both political parties will be defeated.

Roy Moore will become the next U.S. senator from Alabama! Then, as set forth in the book of Isaiah – where God foretells of the coming of the Messiah and calls on the counselors and judges to restore the tarnished city to the faithful city – this modern-day righteous judge will be blessed with furthering the Father’s calling in His Son’s name.

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