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A public policy organization focusing on the American military’s readiness is accusing leadership in the Pentagon of defying the president.

They’re doing this by implementing practices for transgenders that appear to be in opposition to the president’s orders on the matter of transgenders in the military, according to a report from the Center For Military Readiness.

That group is an independent, non-partisan, public policy organization with the mission of reporting on and analyzing military/social issues. It promotes high standards and sound priorities in the making of military personnel policies, and takes the lead in defending elements of military culture that are essential for morale and readiness in the all-volunteer force.

But the group’s new report states that there are problems developing.

It was only three years ago that Barack Obama rejected years of precedent and literally opened the doors of the U.S. military for those diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or other issues.

He said transgenders could openly serve in the military – in the gender they choose at the time.

Trump issued an order reversing Obama’s agenda point, but the CMR notes there is a defiance going on.

For example, the report said, Vice Adm. Robert Burke, the chief of naval personnel who has been confirmed as the next Vice-CNO, recently announced a permissive dress code that attempts to circumvent the policy regarding persons who identify as transgender.

“Admiral Burke’s policy statement indicates that transgender personnel may ‘live socially’ in their ‘preferred gender’ and ‘express themselves off-duty in their preferred gender’ when not in uniform. This problematic policy disregards DTM 19-004, which announced implementation of the Trump/Mattis policy on April 12. The directive clearly states that transgender persons are expected ‘to adhere to all applicable standards, including the standards associated with their biological sex,'” the report said.

“Adm. Burke’s permissive dress code allows special, unequal treatment for individuals seeking to live a double life ‘expressing’ their sexuality after hours. Burke’s misinterpretation of the Trump/[former Defense Secretary James] Mattis transgender policy also weakens the historic principle that personal conduct rules apply on-and off-base, 24/7, on-and off-duty, at all times a person is in the service,” the report said.

“Contrary to expectations from transgender activist groups, military service does not allow individuals to dress and express themselves as they choose. Extension of Burke’s rogue policy to all services and all personnel would have the effect of increasing inappropriate behavior that weakens morale, discipline, and mission readiness,” it said.

Also, the report warned, “Sexual expression on ships and military bases, which can take many forms, invites voluntary sexual misconduct that brings discredit to the service.”

It cited a situation in August 2018 when the Navy Times “photographed a Yeoman 3rd Class performing a drag queen strip-dance wearing a wig, tights, and red high heels in front of other off-duty sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.”

“If a male sailor can perform a sexually charged drag strip-dance on the USS Reagan, and if personal conduct rules no longer apply after-hours, male and female heterosexual personnel surely will claim comparable opportunities to express their own sexuality while off-duty, regardless of the impact on others,” the report warned.

“There are no indications that anyone questioned the judgment of the former CO of the USS Reagan, Capt. Michael Donnelly, who allowed the male sailor to dance in drag on his ship. Additional news reports have demonstrated the point that all forms of sexual misconduct, both voluntary and involuntary, are harmful to morale, discipline, and cohesion.”

Additionally, National Guard unit leaders in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey “are refusing to implement the Trump/Mattis policy regarding persons who identify as transgender,” the report said.

“Public statements of the state governors involved betray confusion and misinformation about the Trump/Mattis policy, which is based on the medical condition gender dysphoria, not the status of transgenders as a class. Tolerating the governors’ defiance could cause operational problems when National Guard units are brought under federal control, and similar defiance in additional states,” the report said.

And even the U.S. Marine Corps issued a directive “encouraging (essentially ordering) participation in LGBT Equality Month events to be held in June.”

“In the same way that our military does not allow labor unions or political demonstrations in the Pentagon or military bases, activist events promoting LGBT causes and demands should not be sponsored by the president, the Department of Defense, or the military services,” the report said.

The organization, which advocates for military readiness above social experimentation in the military, pointed out that Trump “has been working to restore sound priorities that promote military readiness, not demoralizing social agendas that the previous administration pushed to extremes.”

It explains gender dysphoria is just one of “many psychological conditions known to affect personal readiness to deploy.”

The legal fight opposing the president’s actions is working through the courts, but the CMR said a ruling in January from the U.S. Supreme court that allowed the policy to take effect means “the government has a good chance of prevailing when the Supreme Court hears the merits of the case, possibly next year.”

Among the results of the fight, the new CMR report said, is a rise in the number of cases of sexual harassment and rape that are developing.

For example, reports have detailed how there was a “list” on the Navy’s Florida submarine, which rated with 1-4 stars the sexual performances of female sailors.

“Year after year, Pentagon officials have tried ‘remedies’ recommended by the same ideologues whose social agendas have contributed to or worsened problems that are weakening morale and discipline in our military,” the CMR reported. “The Trump administration should connect the dots in matters of sexual misconduct and restore sound policies that encourage discipline rather than indiscipline.”

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