President Trump is showing leadership qualities that deserve our utmost respect. But Koch-brothers Republicans and Koch-brothers-funded never-Trump groups masquerading as conservative bastions of concern are determined to see that President Trump is maligned at every turn. It’s the only way these Erebusic forces from hell believe they can prevent his winning in 2020.

In one week President Trump showed leadership we could argue hasn’t been witnessed since President Reagan. But his reward for inspired leadership was condemnation by Koch-brothers Republicans, Democrats and the media – all of whom are rats in the same sewer.

The president reportedly stopped the planned U.S. attack on Iran with 10 minutes remaining in the countdown, an attack that would have reigned destruction upon the terrorist country. I don’t care if he stopped the count down with 10 seconds remaining, the fact is that he showed true leadership command and respect for the office he holds as the most powerful leader in the world. His determination that the bombing strike would have been a disproportionate response to what Iran had done was the understanding and behavior of a strong leader, one who listens and makes the correct decisions in massively difficult situations where lives hang in the balance.

The easy thing to do would have been to reduce parts of Iran to the glass that’s created when sand is heated to 3,090 degrees Fahrenheit, by the bombs our military would have unleashed.

Personally, I believe every country that threatens the existence of Israel and/or destroys American interests or our people should be turned into molten glass. But admittedly, I can afford to have that viewpoint, because I’m not the president.

President Trump should have been applauded for showing that he fully understands what it means to be the most powerful leader in the world and the office he holds.

He chose to respond juxtaposed to retaliating. President Trump knows his sanctions against Iran are choking the life out of the belligerent desert dwellers. Had he retaliated for Iran’s missile warfare against our drones and for using explosive devices against ships, he would have been condemned by the very same Koch-brothers Republicans, Democrats and bureaus of agitprop that are attacking him for showing restraint.

It’s the same thing with President Trump’s brilliant move of placing the spotlight on do-nothing Democrats. Announcing he would initiate rounding up grievous illegal aliens in our country on Sunday morning past, only to then say that he was going to wait two weeks for Congress to present a workable plan is what true leadership does. The deftness and genius agility he exhibited in painting the Democrats and weak ineffectual Republicans into a corner was extraordinary.

But the president’s genius was dismissed by Koch-brothers Republicans who accused him of betraying We the People and secretly supporting amnesty. These groups are no different than Ann Coulter’s vicious attacks on President Trump, claiming he lied to us about building the wall to protect our southern border. Ann and those singing her song omitted the fact that Republican congressional leaders like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and many other Republicans were the obstructionists responsible for President Trump not having the wall built.

The Koch brothers are the political equivalent of what the babies would have been, if Rosemary would have had twins; and congressional Republicans taking massive amounts of money from the Koch brothers and George Soros are the political equivalent of the Children of the Corn. They are altogether evil.

Saturday evening, as my wife and I enjoyed a late seating for dinner, I received a press release from a group accusing the president of lying and flip-flopping, because according to them, he betrayed us by canceling the scheduled ICE raids.

I submit anti-Trump, phony anti-illegal alien groups are the personification of the body part for which bathroom tissue was invented.

The president delayed carrying out the round up of illegals, explaining that he had received a call from Democratic leader Pelosi asking him to allow time for congressional members to come back with a plan to handle the situation. They agreed upon a two-week period to see what Congress could do.

That’s a display of leadership and political genius by President Trump. He did exactly what the branches of government were designed to do by the Constitution. He used the assured certainty of his actions to bring Democrats and Koch-brothers Republicans to the table to negotiate in good faith.

It should also be reasoned that President Trump’s stated intentions to begin the round up of illegals allowed ICE and Homeland Security to gather more intelligence and surveillance data by observing which way the cockroaches scurried. The initial promises to execute action also allowed for intelligence agencies, ICE and Homeland Security to gather more digital and communication data via wiretaps and other methods as the illegals and their benefactors made plans to run.

If President Trump hadn’t exercised leadership control, the same fake anti-illegal alien groups attacking him for not following through on his announcement would be attacking him for being unrestrained and out of control.

These pathetic groups are never-Trumpers disguised as concerned conservative organizations. It’s a damnable mischaracterization for them to be called conservatives. They’re the tools of rabid globalists and those secretly working for a “one world order.”

The Koch brothers and George Soros are peas in the same pod; the difference is that Karl Rove was able to paint the Koch brothers as benevolent conservative donors because they contributed to George W. Bush and Jeb Bush. But it’s a fact that George and Jeb Bush are rabid globalists and supporters of a New World Order.

I’m proud of the way President Trump is exercising judgment as president. We should all be proud.

We must condemn these traitors in our midst pretending to support conservative causes when in fact they’re diabolical elapids interested only in the destruction of President Trump and his family, while doing everything they can to insure his defeat in 2020.

You and I cannot let them prevail.

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