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The key reason the left hates America

Yes, the political left does hate America. They hate America for many reasons, but only one that matters to the rest of us. The left hates America because of its Constitution.

Just a little history, so you don’t think the founders simply ordered the wrong document on Amazon.

Our Constitution was designed by men who actually had lives outside of government. They knew human nature and that the world was filled with both good people and bad people. They knew that government at a level above the individual states was necessary to hold those states together and protect the new nation.

The men who sat down together in Philadelphia used what they knew of human nature and what they had learned by studying the governments that came before them to build a constitution that would order the affairs of the new nation.

That new government was purposefully divided into three separate branches, each of which would be jealous of protecting its own turf from encroachments by the other two. They did this purposefully, to build a government that kept itself in check.

So it is America’s Constitution that leftists take issue with. Its genius is why they hate America. Leftists despise checks and balances. The idea that government power is not absolute is anathema to them. They work unceasingly to increase government power, in conjunction with their own power, because that is what increases their power over the rest of us. Government, by its very nature, only grows larger over time.

Wars, for instance, do wonders to build government power. So do social programs funded by the government. So do open borders, which flood the nation with more people in need of social programs.

To most of us, especially “deplorables” living our lives outside of major metropolitan areas, life is all about … living our lives. Work, family, church, community, recreation and so on. Do the leftists demonstrating on the streets for a few bucks from Soros have any of those things to occupy their life?

If they did, they wouldn’t be there. Big government is their religion; power over others is their utopia (heaven). They want raw power to force their brand of utopia upon the rest of us. They preach diversity, but their singular focus is building power to destroy all views except their own. Sounds rather dictatorial or monarchical to me.

The left’s contradictions mean nothing to them. Thus, “abort as many babies as you like, right up and until after birth,” is not at odds with their opposition to the state executing murderers who have exhausted all their judicial appeals.

It never occurs to leftists that a baby is a unique combination of DNA from both the man and the woman. Thus women alone should have the absolute right to kill their baby at any time up to and including after birth. In other words, leftists believe they have the right to kill a unique person just because they don’t want it any longer. Think about a government full of people with that mindset.

The leftists’ first love is power. Power flows from big government. Controlling that kind of government gives them the ability to destroy all competing beliefs – especially the Christian faith and worldview, because Christians view human government as inferior to – and subservient to – God.

Leftists cannot tolerate a moral order based upon something greater than themselves, because it means they are inferior and can be held accountable by a greater power. Leftists live for power over others, because that is how they implement their utopian dreams. Whether it’s using the power of the state to force a small business to decorate homosexual wedding cakes, jailing protesters outside of abortion clinics, or flooding our nation with illegal immigrants, the left is always certain about the rightness of its cause.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the paragraph that brought me down this trail:

“Of course, that doesn’t mean the American people must continue to use the death penalty,” [Justice Neil Gorsuch] wrote. “The same Constitution that permits states to authorize capital punishment also allows them to outlaw it. But it does mean that the judiciary bears no license to end a debate reserved for the people and their representatives.” (Neil Gorsuch, writing for the majority.)

That last sentence is the key. Judges who believe the Constitution is amended through the constitutional process are the key to America’s freedom. And America is key to the world’s freedom. Never forget that.

It is the United States Constitution that makes it almost impossible for the left to gain and hold political power in America. They have failed again under Trump. That is the cause of their unhinged anger and rage. They want to impose their utopian religion on the entire world, so we can all be as happy as they are. Their utopian creation was to be our only remaining object of worship.

It all begins with Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns.