Joe Biden, right, and Barack Obama (Pixabay)

Joe Biden, right, and Barack Obama (Pixabay)

Joe Biden, a former senator and former vice president, says he’s pinpointed the trouble with President Trump.

He’s “illegitimate.”

The Washington Examiner reports Biden, at a rally stop, agreed with a woman who said she had severe “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“The exchange occurred at a campaign event in Nashua, N.H., Tuesday after the woman told Biden that Trump is an ‘illegitimate president’ because he won the 2016 election by nearly 80,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan and argued he was aided by the Kremlin.”

The woman said: “He’s an illegitimate president in my mind. That’s it. I think all the talk about impeachment and what the Democrats should do, that’s fine, it’s theoretical at this point. Let them investigate, let them subpoena, let them go to the Supreme Court, he’s illegitimate.”

Biden said, “Folks, look, I absolutely agree.”

He wondered whether the woman would be his vice presidential candidate. He’s the leader among more than two dozen Democrats seeking the party’s 2020 nomination.

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