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Fox News face: Trump may refuse to leave office if he loses in 2020

Juan Williams long has been a liberal voice on Fox News, criticizing President Trump and his accomplishments, promoting the “Russia” investigation and more.

But now he’s gone, in the words of Twitter users, “nuts.”

It’s because he’s issued the claim that maybe, just maybe, if he’s defeated in the next election, Trump “could refuse to leave.”

As in stay in the White House?

As commander-in-chief?

Even though someone else was elected?

Apparently that’s what Williams’ latest contends.

“It is no longer outside the realm of possibility that Trump could refuse to leave if he loses the 2020 election,” Williams stated.

And he pointed out the “virtual army on social media” that would defend him.

Williams said: “Trump has succeeded in using social media to open a Pandor’s Box of racism, hatred, paranoia, conspiracy-mongering, and rejection of the legitimacy of major American institutions, from the courts to the CIA. Closing that horror show will be tough because Trump has inspired imitators like [Jacob] Wohl.”

Williams didn’t address the fact that DOJ and FBI officials, with a deep loathing for Trump, discussed how to prevent him from winning the election and what they would do if he won.

“First of all, no serious person has ever taken Jacob Wohl seriously,” wrote a blogger at the Twitter news aggregating site Twitchy, “And second of all, what ‘virtual army’ could keep Donald Trump in the White House if Trump were to lose the 2020 election?”

The reactions rolled in on Twitter.

“Ridiculous,” said Brad Burges.

“Juan – really?” added Janna Fite Herbison.

“This is nuts,” said Justin T. Haskins.

“Stop being silly, dude,” wrote RBe.

Another Twitter user said, “Stop trying to stoke irrational fear.”

“It is absolutely outside the realm of possibility. And I got news for you, a social media army is as threatening as a sponge.”

Another pointed out that Williams “used to be a grown up among all the noisemakers.”

Ray Zacek opined: “More likely he will win re-election and the left refuses to acknowledge his second term.”

Just days earlier, Williams launched an attack on the “heavily white, older male party of @realDonaldTrump.”

Those people, he said, are “fighting to hold back what they see coming over the horizon.”