(U.S. CATHOLIC) — Christian witches? What’s next? Married bachelors? Square circles?

A combination of disbelief, mockery, and genuine concern for the souls of those who might claim such a label populated a friend’s Facebook thread when he referenced a rise in Christians who also identify as witches.

This is a contradiction of terms, isn’t it? The Bible explicitly condemns witches, one commenter replied. (In truth, no equivalent word for witch, derived from Old English, exists in Hebrew, so what the Bible condemns, in various places, is more properly translated as sorcery, divination, and/or mediumship.) Still, as early as Catholic grade school I learned to equate witchcraft with tarot cards and Ouija boards—all feared as portals to the demonic. To be sure, Wicca, a religion founded in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, was mixed into the same scary stew as the Salem Witch Trials and the green-faced Wicked Witch of the West.

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