(Washington Examiner) A public liberal arts college in Washington state facing declining enrollment numbers has decided that placing restrictions on free speech is the best approach to growing enrollment numbers at the school.

The faculty senate at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., recently voted to ban the usage of the word “covenant” in the faculty handbook and other Evergreen official documents, due to the apparent association between the term and cultural genocide faced by Native Americans. According to the official motion, the faculty senate believes that replacing “covenant” with “community agreement” is a better choice of words to avoid offending Native Americans.

“Whereas needlessly using a word that institutionalizes the devastating colonization of Native Peoples is inconsistent with Evergreen’s stated commitment to social justice and to honoring Evergreen’s Nation-to-Nation Agreement with Tribes of Washington,” the proposal states. “We move that the word ‘covenant’ in the Faculty Handbook and other official Evergreen documents be replaced by the term ‘community agreement.’”

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