“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the famed Christmas tune with a strong anti-bullying message made famous by Burl Ives, is being slammed by the Huffington Post as “seriously problematic.”

The news site reissued a video from 2017 via Twitter titled “Rudolph the Marginalized Reindeer.”

“Lately, viewers are noticing the tale may not be so jolly after all,” HuffPo said.

The video quoted a tweet claiming, “Yearly reminder the #Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a parable on racism & homophobia 2/ Santa as a bigoted exploitative —–.”

Another tweet said Santa’s operation is “in serious need of diversity and inclusion training.”

“Former fans are pointing out Rudolph’s father verbally abuses him,” HuffPo said.

At Twitchy, reality was restored.

“It’s just Rudolph you troglodytes. STOP IT!” the site said.

In the song, the ridiculed reindeer Rudolph refuses to become bitter and antagonistic. Eventually, he not only is accepted but hailed as a hero.

The HuffPo video, however, points out that Rudolph’s father is critical, Santa berates Donner and a coach encourages bullying, saying, “From now on, gang, we won’t let Rudolph join in any reindeer games, right?”

“What IS it with the Left that makes them try and destroy EVERYTHING and anything? It’s like they have to suck the joy out of life by looking for things to be angry or outraged about, 24/7,” said a Twitchy post.

Here’s Burl Ives:

The reactions on Twitter included:

  • “Oh look! Something people like and enjoy; Let’s go ruin it.”
  • “That’s the Liberal way … if they can’t be happy, aint nobody gonna be happy.”
  • “Miserable liberals never stop at trying to make others miserable.”

“‘Tis the season,” said Twitchy. “To be honest, Rudolph is a story about inclusion and overcoming barriers. But oh no, let’s focus on the things we can put a 2018 spin on so we can shake our fists about a kids’ Christmas show.”

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