Music legend Charlie Daniels

Music legend Charlie Daniels

The political fight over illegal immigration has intensified with legions of Central Americans, mostly men, marching to the U.S. border and demanding entry.

The U.S. has deployed troops to back up Border Patrol officers, and under President Trump, as under Barack Obama, used tear gas on anyone who tries to breach the security walls.

One longtime observer, country rock superstar Charlie Daniels, says the issue has turned Washington into a “three-ring circus, complete with elephants, donkeys and an overabundance of clowns.”

It used to be that government was focused on a common cause “and only disagreed on which path to take to get there,” he writes in his latest Soap Box.

But no more.

“No longer do the interests of America take precedent, no longer does the twenty trillion-pound albatross of national debt concern either party enough to deserve a plank in a political platform, not even a splinter,” he said.

“Adam Schiff has devoted his tenure in office, not to building up a nation, but bringing down a president, his ever-changing charges of collusion, obstruction of justice and any thread that sticks out far enough to get his grubby fingers on to be grasped and pulled out far enough to attract the attention of a media who are just as dedicated to his cause as he is,” Daniels lamented.

“And the president many times plays right into their hands with some ultra-abrasive midnight tweet that liberal guests on the network breakfast shows can interpret in myriad negative ways and dominate a couple of hours of news cycle while waiting for the afternoon twitter dispatch to do the same thing on the early evening shows.”

He charged that Democrats in Congress are watching “gleefully” as illegals enter and are “restlessly” awaiting when they can control government enough to “declare a mass amnesty and procure a whole new constituency of Democrat voters.”

“In the end that is their aim,” he said.

“The upshot is that – back in the U.S. – in a generation or so, in the Democratic Party, Hispanics will be such a major voting block that more and more liberal immigration policies will have to be enacted to keep them loyal and, as one thing begets the other, the party will eventually be taken out of the hands of the Chuck Schumers, Adam Schiffs, Nancy Pelosis, et al, or perhaps a powerful third party will emerge and the establishment Democratic Party will languish on the garbage pile of those who tempted fate and lost,” he predicted.

He explains he’s pro-immigrant, being of Irish lineage “that has only been in America for less than 200 years.”

But he said that has to be “legal, controlled immigration, the kind that every naturalized American had to submit to.”

“Living in this nation is a privilege, a chance at a life that is not available any other place on earth and the only people who should be allowed a chance at it should be those who come here add something besides a check mark on a ballot beside some Democrat’s name.”

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