U.S. Capitol (M.Fitzsimmons, Wikimedia Commons)

U.S. Capitol (M.Fitzsimmons, Wikimedia Commons)

A new poll about the media and President Donald Trump finds the media are “seen as partisan and inherently divisive.”

The results of the McLaughlin & Associates media survey were reported by Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column in the Washington Examiner.

A “forceful plurality” of voters believe the media is unfair, biased and disrespectful to Trump, the report said.

The poll comes on the heels of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s badgering of the president and refusal to give up a microphone at a White House press conference.

The White House responded by suspending Acosta’s press credentials. CNN sued, contending Acosta has a First Amendment right to enter the White House.

The poll showed five times as many voters saw anti-Trump bias as those who saw a “pro-Trump tilt,” Bedard wrote.

In fact, 48 percent of the respondents said the media are in opposition to Trump. Nine percent said the media are supporting Trump. About one-third believe the media is neutral.

The report said the data “revealed a number of compelling conclusions relating to the media bias in the United States.”

“Most notably: A forceful plurality (48 percent) of respondents believe that media coverage is UNFIAR and BIASED AGAINST President Trump and that the media coverage and commentary following the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooting were DISRESPECTFUL of the president (44 percent).”

Bedard said pollster John McLaughlin told him, “It’s pretty clear that in general the media is seen as partisan and inherently divisive.”

“Earlier in the year we found 77 percent can’t believe everything in the media. Only 14 percent did. So the partisan division has really hurt the media’s credibility and they may will not recover from it without a major change in tone and substance,” McLaughlin continued.

“The average American is much smarter than the media elites. By a 5-to-1 margin, all voters as well as independents say the media are unfair and biased against President Trump. The American people have figured out that all too often what is supposed to be news, is just simply liberal opinion masquerading as so called journalism.”

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