There’s the G20 summit going on. More conflict with Russia over its moves against Ukraine. Disputes with China about its business practices. The threats from House Democrats for perpetual investigations of the administration.

But four pieces already this week in the Washington Post have focused on Melania Trump’s red Christmas trees in the White House and even social media is wondering about the news outlet’s allocation of resources.

“What is this, WaPo’s fourth piece on the red Christmas trees in the White House, or did we miss some?” snarked Twitchy.

On the paper’s own social media page the comments were not complimentary.

The agency had stated:

“It’s still a month until Christmas, but at the Trump White House, it’s never too early to start inducing flashbacks to phantasmal nightmares from our shared cultural memory.”

Its readers disagreed:

“Nah! The last nightmare in the White House left on January 20, 2017,” said ValAngle.

“And we nearly had to have the Secret Service remove him,” added Rock’inPatriot.

“In the absence of anything you could arguable criticize, this sort of petty criticism irrefutably proves the media’s abusive anti-Trump bias,” said Roel Coenders.

Another, Gina Haspell, noted, “The people who work for WaPo are the most depressing, unintelligent, petty, vindictive, bunch of whack jobs to ever exist. It’s exhausting to see article after article knocking every single damn thing the first family touches. The staff must be insufferable to be around.”

Tricky Dick in TX added, “Who approved this article? Democracy dies in darkness and apparently decent journalism dies at the @WashingtonPost.”

Twitchy pointed out the previous Post concerns about the White House decorations this year:

“Under Opinions, came “You are in Melania Trump’s nightmare forest. Keep to the path.”

“That same day, from columnist Monica Hesse we read about the trees and how they look like props from ‘The Babadook.’

“Enough? … Now it’s Thursday and we’re being treated to a piece pointing out European beliefs associated with red Christmas trees … seriously,” the commentary said.

Readers opened up with their frustration: “We are not in Europe. The red trees are beautiful. How about covering the Epstein story, child trafficking, the pedophile problem in the world. You know, real news?” said IrritatedWoman.

Chris added, “We aren’t in Europe. We settled that back in 1776.”

BossyRobynn pressed the newspaper, “Just be honest. You’d b—- about the trees no matter what color they were.”

And there was a long list of comments about how red trees have been used in London, Paris, Vienna – and Kohl’s department stores.

Deheater said, “If Michell[e] Obama had done this you would be lauding her on page one.”

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