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The American media has been at war with President Trump since he was elected. After all, a huge majority who made political donations in 2016 contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

CNN’s Jim Acosta escalated the war during a White House news conference earlier this month when he belligerently confronted the president and refused to give up a microphone. The White House responded with a new rule that would suspend media credentials for conducting a similar stunt.

Now, Canada’s CBC reports Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being accused of bribing media by proposing to give more than half a billion dollars to news companies.

The CBC said it is “conservative” members of parliament who are accusing Trudeau of trying to buy the media’s loyalty.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau outlined a plan to give $600 million in tax credits and incentives to the media.

Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative MP, said Trudeau “thinks it is the job of the media to shower him with praise and coincidentally, in an election year, he’s forcing Canadian taxpayers to dole out $600 million in order to try and buy Trudeau the media’s support as he goes to the polls.”

Officials expect some of the money to go directly to media groups in support of production of content. Another credit would be aimed at subscribers.

“It certainly gives the impression of potentially affecting, not necessarily individual journalists, but the organizations, the companies, the employers that they work for,” said Conservative MP Peter Kent, a retired journalist himself.

“When the media, or media organizations, or in fact, individual journalist jobs are dependent on government subsidies that is the antithesis of a free and independent press,” he added.

Poilievre was blunt, the CBC reported, stating, “What Justin Trudeau is telling you is: Here’s a half billion dollars; don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

At the Canada Free Press blog, Judi McLeod wrote Trudeau is “buying the media.”

“Watching from the country next door how the American media, which supplies a 90-plus-percent negative coverage of all things President Donald Trump and whose blatant intent is to drive him out of office, Trudeau wants a 90 percent left-leaning media in place for Canada’s upcoming 2019 federal election,” the report said.

“Barely mentioned in media reports on the half a billion dollar boost for Canadian media is that government already pays out $1 billion dollars a year to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from the public purse,” the report continued.

“Like the U.S. media, the Canadian media is currently dominated by the Left. There are few independent media outlets operating on Canadian soil, and Conservative media is suppressed by the social media of the day.”

McLeod said the “take-away from Justin Trudeau’s latest worrisome move is that while the leftwing media may be up for sale, the average Canadian is NOT.”

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