Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

The 2018 midterm-election results, no matter the outcome, could end up being known as the vote of the “ticked off.”

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh explained on his national broadcast Tuesday: “Focusing first on the early vote, who is it? Is it people ticked off at the Kavanaugh hearings, ticked off at the caravan, ticked off at the left? Because, man, they gave a lot of people a lot of reasons to be mad,” he said.

“They woke up a lot of people.”

Limbaugh said the establishment media is “downplaying this as evidenced by their desire to get Trump talking about the economy, and Trump made an amazing gamble not doing that.”

“You know, Trump could have put out his own version of ‘Morning in America’ ads and tried to ride the economy to the midterms, but I think Trump realized he’s not on the ballot, even though he is. His name is not on the ballot, but he’s driving everything today. Donaldus Magnus is driving everything left and right, Republican and Democrat. So the question is: Of these early voters, who’s really ticked off or who’s really enthusiastic or who is really jazzed and wired?”

He pointed out Democrats have been enraged for years.

“They still haven’t accepted that they lost the election in 2016,” he said. “If you look at that, they think they got jobbed in 2016 because they think the Russians stole the election. You go back to 2001, 2000, they think they got jobbed when the Supreme Court stole the election in the Florida recount away from Algore. They think that they have been getting jobbed on elections left and right – and that if they lose this one, there are a bunch of them predicting total meltdowns,” he said.

Limbaugh said he was assuming the massive early voting turnout would indicate huge crowds of voters on Tuesday.

He pointed to an example of an illogical argument from the left.

For example, Ezra Klein, “the former wunderkind at the Washington Post, now a[t] Axios or somewhere, actually said – and I’ve never seen this. I thought this guy understood civics. He said if the Democrats lose the House but have more total votes than the Republicans in House races, then you better batten down your house and you better protect yourself because the Democrats are gonna be loaded for bear.”

He said that shows how “warped” some voters are in their thought.

“They are convinced that we have become a socialist country already and that they’ve been jobbed out of elections which would prove that,” he said.

The message people get, however, will be pretty focused, he said.

“The Drive-By Media is so invested with two things: Love and adoration for the Democrat Party and sheer dislike for us. That playing field, more and more people – average, ordinary Americans – see this unfairness, and it’s just basic unfairness. It may sound naive or simplistic to say, but it’s basic unfairness. If people look at the media as the referees, this is a rigged game. There’s no two ways about it. With Donald Trump doing so well, with Trump doing amazing things – restoring American greatness, restoring the American economy, restoring America’s purpose and dominance in the world.”

He said he doesn’t know how other people respond to that issue, but he’s “ticked off” about it.

Limbaugh said voters are “awakened” by issues such as the made-up attacks on Kavanaugh and the caravan from Honduras heading for the U.S. with the intention of breaking into the U.S. illegally.

And the Democrats also are “ticked off” that Robert Mueller hasn’t issued a special counsel report that would nail Trump.

He said the nation will find out whether the huge early voting has been “made up of people just so ticked off that Trump won, ticked off that they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump, ticked off that we have not officially sanctioned ourselves as socialists.”

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