Soldiers ask Jesus if He would like to be an organ donor in ad. (courtesy Dying to Live/YouTube)

Soldiers ask Jesus if He would like to be an organ donor in ad. (courtesy Dying to Live/YouTube)

The death of Jesus has been portrayed countless times in many famous movies, from “Ben Hur” and “The Gospel of John” to “The Passion of the Christ.”

But now, a controversial ad is showing the Son of God agreeing to become an organ donor while He’s being crucified.

The spot commences with two soldiers asking Jesus, who is nailed to the cross, if he thought about becoming an organ donor.

“Is this really the best time to bring this up?” Jesus answers.

One soldier responds: “We get it. No one wants to talk about death. But you know, not all of us are going to the eternal paradise, and your organs could save the lives of up to six people.”

“Obviously I would do it. I am Jesus,” says the Savior.

See the ad:

The two-and-a-half-minute commercial is the lead-in to a documentary titled “Dying to Live,” focusing on the need for more organ donors to register in Australia.

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The Daily Telegraph indicated there was a difference of opinions among some religious leaders about the campaign.

Founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Keysar Trad said it “showed irreverence towards venerated figures,” adding it “will cause offense to some Muslims and some Christians.”

But Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Michael Stead disagreed, claiming the underlying message was significant.

“It uses the self-sacrificial example of Jesus to communicate an important message,” he told the paper.

Ben McEachen at Eternity News commented:

“The ad totally ignores a critical issue. Jesus died … but he returned to life three days later.

“Even those who don’t see Jesus as lord of their life know he’s the guy credited with rising from the dead. Just glance over the final few pages of all four gospels in the New Testament and one thing leaps out: Jesus didn’t stay dead. He’s ALIVE.

So, would Jesus have to ask for his corneas back? Or his kidneys? Or any other organ he donated a few days earlier?”

Social-media comments appear to be divided, according to the Telegraph:

“They’re too gutless and political (sic) correct to do a parity after Mohammed’s death,” one man wrote.

“I think Jesus would be fine with helping others,” said another.

A third indicated: “I like it, it’s an unusual way to promote organ donation.”

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