'Come up and see me some time'

‘Come up and see me some time’

Houston – we have a problem!

‘Real Love Sex Dolls’ are coming to the U.S. Kinky S Dolls is targeting Houston, Texas for a brothel upgrade, one that replaces human beings with soulless plastic, brought to life via animatronics. Sounds weird … but better than abusing women, right?

Maybe not.

“Yuval Gavriel, the owner of Kinky S Dolls,” San Antonio Current reports, “has said that he doesn’t plan to open a ‘sex robot brothel.'”

But what do you call an establishment that provocatively poses humanoid dolls available for hourly rental and/or purchase? A Fort Worth Star-Telegram teases out specifics, dubbing Gavriel’s venture as a “try-before-you-buy sex doll and robot emporium.”

The “toys” come complete with synthetic skin and a skeletal structure that lends itself to ultimate flexibility. More importantly, they’re not illegal. Neither are Hollywood films, television shows and magazine ads that use women – their image and the voices – to portray the fairer sex as objects.

And yet the majority of the women of The View – that female think-tank that over-talks opposition and habitually avoids actual thinking – finds the idea of sex robots humorous. Gavriel’s plastic posse represents an alternative to abusing women, a welcome addition to the household if the doll can be trained to do dishes. (Forget the View’s abusing men and women by disconnecting cause from effect.)

But a Houston based non-profit, Elijah Rising – dedicated to ending sex trafficking – is resisting the plastic invasion. “Robot brothels will ultimately harm men, their understanding of healthy sexuality, and increase the demand for the prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and children,” according to their Change.org petition that already has 12,000 signatures and counting.

Further citation from Dr. Kathleen Richardson, a senior research fellow in Ethics of Robotics, debunks the specious reasoning of those in favor.

“The arguments that sex robots will provide artificial sexual substitutes and reduce the purchase of sex by buyers is not borne out by evidence,” she stated. “There are numerous sexual artificial substitutes already available, RealDolls, vibrators, blow-up dolls etc. If an artificial substitute reduced the need to buy sex, there would be a reduction in prostitution but no such correlation is found.”

And what would come next? Child robots? Progressive reasoning would say yes, but those with brains aren’t sitting idle.

“Rep. Dan Donovan (R–N.Y.) introduced the CREEPER Act, which would ban the interstate sale of sex robots made to look like children,” according to San Antonio Current. “The resolution is currently being heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

The following video explains what Houston is up against:

Whatever the future holds, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is doing his best to stop the plastic attack. Building codes are the weapon of choice.

“Just like with other sexual-oriented businesses, you can’t be close to daycares, schools, churches, synagogues, things of that nature,” the mayor told KHOU-TV according to Independent.

But this tactic will only stall the inevitable.

Houston, we have a problem!

Kissing guide

Kissing guide – funny or #MeToo?

The misogynistic patriarchy has been at it for decades, abusing women. Take a look at the following video that examines a 1911 infographic and comment below … on how triggered it makes you feel!

Bet you didn’t expect that sell line at the end.

One doesn’t have to wonder what’s being hawked these days, but stupid sheep are always ready to buy.


The perfect basket every time

If women are soon to be passé, perhaps overpaid basketball players are, too.

“Cue,” a robot hoopster built to sinks shot on command, is the new brainchild of a team of Toyota engineers who made the most out of their free time. Why not? If fantasy bots can fill bedroom boredom – giving customers what they most desire – why not line basketball playlists with top performing replacements?

Perfection is the idea, right? And what team owner wouldn’t like to win every time?

“At 6 feet 3 inches, Cue is shorter than the average NBA player. But the basketbot was still able to beat two Japanese pro players in a head-to-head competition,” Asahi Shimbun reports.

Check out the performance potential in the video below:

There’s really no competition as the robot shoots with nearly perfect accuracy.

What will they think of next?

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