(National Catholic Register) — History Channel is running an original documentary called The Last Pope, and it’s two hours of hot garbage. Amidst endless padding relieved only by commercials, the documentary attempts to address the alleged prophecies of St. Malachy, and how they predict that Francis will be the last pope before the end of the world.

Except… St. Malachy almost certainly did nothing of the sort.

St. Malachy

Born in 1094 or thereabouts, St. Malachy was a good and holy man who became bishop of Armagh in Ireland. Weirdly, The Last Pope refers to 12th century Ireland as “largely pagan” some eight centuries after the faith was introduced. Celtic Christianity was, in fact, so powerful, unique, and thriving that Irish missionaries were shipped to other lands. Like most great saints, Malachy spread the faith further and dealt with corruption and backsliding, but to call 12th century Ireland largely pagan is strange indeed.

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