In professional boxing, undefeated champions seem not to know when to retire. The only heavyweight boxer possessing the insight to quit as a winner was Rocky Marciano, retiring as world champion (1952-1956) with a 49-0 record. Such insights in the political arena are also lacking for those consumed by ego and power. The “poster child” for such politicians today, suffering this “consumption” malady, is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The Democratic Party is in disarray, struggling to find banner issues to garner votes in midterm elections. One of these, in light of the illegal immigrant family separation issue – a policy in place during Barack Obama’s tenure that Donald Trump only chose to enforce – has been the ridiculous push to abolish ICE. The Democrats even introduced legislation to this end. Their move was checkmated by Republicans when Democrats were offered the chance to vote on the issue.

Any rational American realizes abolishing ICE means open borders, endangering our national security. It is no different than a county police department being abolished, leaving residents exposed to anyone harboring ill will to victimize them. We got a taste of this most recently in Philadelphia where an illegal, given sanctuary, raped a child.

As Pelosi and other “abolish ICE” Democrats start realizing most Americans don’t want it abolished, they are quietly downplaying the idea. Even the Democrats’ “voice of unreasonableness,” Maxine Waters, surprisingly acknowledges abolishment was not a well-thought-out solution.

Another banner Pelosi has repeatedly waved is making false claims “cold hard evidence” exists of Trump-Russia collusion, without offering evidence of same. Her own political journey has involved deference to a foreign power with ill intent toward the U.S. In 2007, against the guidance of President George W. Bush, Pelosi went to meet with Syrian dictator President Bashar Assad.

Returning from that trip, Pelosi suggested Assad was someone with whom the United States could work – an outrageous assertion in the wake of at least 470,000 Syrian deaths as Assad, like Pelosi, refuses to surrender power.

There was no reason for Pelosi to undertake that visit other than to poke a finger in the eye of President Bush, interfering with his foreign policy efforts to isolate Assad.

Pelosi also has no problem conveniently playing the religion card to promote her party’s ideology. Earlier this year, she mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s religious beliefs at the annual Washington Press Club Foundation’s Congressional Dinner – an event bringing journalists and lawmakers together. As a religious Pence revealed last year he never dines alone with another woman without his wife present, Pelosi – playing to the obviously media-friendly crowd – posed the question, “”Do you think Mike Pence is allowed to dine alone with a man in drag?”

Ironically, while making fun of Pence’s religious convictions, Pelosi enthusiastically introduced Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., at a 2017 rally opposing Trump’s temporary immigration ban with the words, “”Now we’ll hear from Andre Carson! A Muslim member of Congress.” Insistent this point be driven home, she was caught on a hot mic giving him the command as he ended his remarks, “Tell them you’re a Muslim, tell them you’re a Muslim.” Apparently, Pelosi’s thinking incorporates the logic while religious tolerance is demanded for Democrats, it is not for Republicans. Never expect to hear a joke about Islam pass over her lips.

Interestingly, while Pelosi continues her anti-Trump attacks as a Democratic rallying point, the president’s popularity continues rising. Noticeable among his support base are blacks who, despite Pelosi’s unwillingness to admit the country’s economic situation has drastically improved, have benefited greatly, logging the lowest unemployment rates in decades. This was something Pelosi as speaker, while enjoying Democratic majorities in Congress, was never able to help achieve. In yet another hateful effort to undermine support from the black community, she claims the president is trying to “make America white again.”

Most telling, during an Aug. 12 interview, Pelosi was visibly flustered and unable to provide a coherent response to the query what the Democratic Party stood for other than obstructing Trump and his agenda.

While Pelosi’s leadership has gone south since her days of banging the speaker’s House gavel, there is another worrisome concern that needs to be addressed – her mental health. As evidenced recently in a number of press conferences, Pelosi clearly seems to be losing it. She has often forgotten her train of thought, stumbled for words or names, slurred her comments, experienced pregnant pauses, etc. Something is not quite right.

Last year, a Washington, D.C., pharmacist made a very disturbing revelation. He reported providing Alzheimer’s drugs for some members of Congress. In making this revelation, he stated the obvious concern we all should have, “They’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.”

While we do not know if Pelosi is among this pharmacist’s customers, at a time our nation is in such turmoil, we simply cannot afford to keep members of Congress in office who are suffering from mental health issues. Obviously, should they lack the capacity to recognize they need to stand down, those around them, whether staff or family, should be taking steps to encourage them to do so.

Sadly, it may also be because their staffs and families own “consumption” of power malady that they prove unwilling to encourage their retirement.

Pelosi’s performance – or non-performance – has reached a point no longer is ignored by her own party members. With midterm elections approaching, they believe she is hurting their chances to take over the House. Some 42 Democratic Party House nominees have opted to reject the polarizing leader’s endorsement.

Many years ago as a character actor on “Saturday Night Live,” former Democratic Sen. Al Franken portrayed Stuart Smalley on a segment entitled “Daily Affirmations.” Smalley would sit in front of a mirror reciting the words, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And people like me!” It would be interesting to see, were Pelosi, at this stage of her career, to utter these words in front of a mirror, what her reflection would do. Chances are it too would show dissatisfaction by standing up and walking away.

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