[To Joseph Farah:] Very interesting article! I am looking forward to getting your book.

I just finished one by Paul Humber (Associates of Biblical Research) about the 414 prophesies that he’s found. It is such a positive and interesting book full of things I guess I just never associated with my Christianity today. He says that the Old Testament was “written in B.C. (Before Christ)” and that was “Before Christ” but not before Christ’s existence, and that “nothing existed before Christ.” “He is the Creator of all,” and He always was with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit – nothing existed before Christ.

This book helped to renew my faith, and I am so looking forward to yours and reading real faith at work.

Thank you for your consistency in telling the Gospel – the true Gospel. This man you spoke about is going to have a “come to Jesus” moment I hope before it is too late for him and those he is misleading. We must pray for people like this, but mostly for those whose faith he is subverting.

Judy Turner

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