Hi, Joseph. I noticed your recent column “Why this is not ‘the terminal generation.'”

It’s true, there’s no shortage of Christian doomsayers believing the prognosis for humanity and the earth is “terminal.”

Needless to say, mortals, being brighter than apes but lower than angels, aren’t capable of running a “One World Government.” However, there’s an element that’s absolutely determined to try. As you know, if Jesus didn’t return soon enough, about the only creatures left alive on the earth would be cockroaches!

Currently, for people living in prosperous conditions, life on earth may seem like a lark. The last thing these people want is someone like Jesus interfering in their lives. Different story when the bottom drops of the economy or the dollar become virtually worthless. A series of unforeseen cataclysmic events could toss these folks and everyone else into squalid conditions … virtually overnight.

Jesus returning to the earth at the 11th hour, in spectacular fashion, will be terrifying for some but most will be weeping openly with renewed hope. No doubt, countless images will be generated reminiscent of France being liberated during World War II – except the entire planet will have been liberated. This will definitely call for a happy dance!


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