(Capital-Journal) Federal campaign finance reports of the Kansas Democratic Party for the 2016 election cycle don’t account for $900,000 of the $2.4 million transferred from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s fundraising operation to the state party before funneled to the Democratic National Committee.

Documents submitted to the Federal Elections Commission by the Hillary Victory Fund recorded 10 transactions from August to November 2016 that resulted in deposits of $2.46 million into accounts of the Kansas Democratic Party. State Democratic Party reports showed receipt of $1.56 million and recorded transfers of that amount to the DNC.

An attorney with a pro-Donald Trump organization challenging legality of the Clinton cash transfers to 32 state Democratic parties said the Victory Fund’s reporting indicated $900,000 was shifted to the state party on Oct. 6, 2016. The state party didn’t report receiving that amount nor transferring it to the DNC, yet the DNC acknowledged accepting $900,000 from the Kansas Democratic Party on Oct. 6, 2016.

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