Many years ago during the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda was on the front page news with husband Tom Hayden for their visits to North Vietnam. American soldiers returning from the war after their tours of duty were spat on by the leftists who practically worshipped Fonda and Hayden. Had any American during the Second War gone to Germany to aid and abet Hitler, that person would have been hung at the end of the war. Yet, Hayden and Fonda were able to return to America as heroes of the left.

Tom Hayden would go on to become Senator Hayden and he would accuse George W. Bush of treason. What is wrong with conservative leaders that they do nothing while in power to curb leftists and their atrocities to aid and abet the enemies of freedom and democracy? This makes no sense to me that Hayden and Fonda would never be tried for treason no matter how much proof there is to show their treason.

What is wrong with conservative leaders who are in power and do nothing to investigate Obama, FBI, DOJ, IRS, and State Department officials who used their offices to attack Trump’s campaign? What’s truly sad is Rosenstein, who had Trump axe Comey and Mueller, then used Mueller to investigate Trump’s collusion with Russia. Then Mueller finds that it was the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Mueller, Comey, Lynch and host of other lying Democrats who were behind the Dossier that was used, given to Republican John McCain to disseminate to the DOJ, and then find the Democrats were behind the Uranium One deal that allowed Russia to obtain a virtual hold on almost all the uranium. And none of these leftists are ever going to see a jail cell because the Republicans are too cowardly to do anything.

How many more decades will go by with no conservative action against the leftist political criminals? Why doesn’t Trump drain the DC swamp and put conservatives in each of the power chairs to deal with the Democrat leftists? By doing nothing about the DC swamp, Trump will never achieve anything worthwhile. Isn’t it why the people elected him, to get rid of the leftist idealists in America? After $21 trillion dollars in debt, Trump sits on his backside and does nothing about what needs to be changed. Maybe he’s just another closet Democrat after all?

L.J. Middleton

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