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What makes a baby human? Human rights?

Want to shut down the pro-choice “it’s-my-body” liberal in your life? Look no further.

Canadian activist Laura Klassen – very pregnant and ripe with opinions backed by actual logic – has released a hilarious viral video about “the magic birth canal.” The founder and director of Choice42, a promising non-profit aimed at educating dullards who deny science, is decidedly “Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby, and Pro-Life” … and not above using farce to derail the absurdity that human rights are merely a matter of location.

Check out her pink-wigged, fairy-winged exposé on the magical birth canal that seems to hold more sway over the fate of our children than even mom can do – wholesale slaughter of innocent babies ends after birth, at least now:

Got that? Location, location, location. That’s what determines human rights; but the mystical transformation of the actual birth canal hasn’t been scientifically nailed down yet. Then again, who needs science when modern myths suffice?

According to Life Site News, “Long-settled biological criteria, which is accepted in many mainstream biology and medical textbooks, establishes that a living human being is created upon fertilization, and is present throughout the entirety of pregnancy. Many abortionists and even some pro-abortion activists admit as much, but contend those human beings don’t have human rights while they are still inside their mothers’ bodies.”

(No comment on older “children” who advocate squatting as a means to prolong dependency. Those leeches have to be sued in a court of law to be removed, despite viability. Just ask parents Christina and Mark Rotondo of New York.)

This is interesting, because if human rights are not inherent in one’s being a human, where do they come from? Popular opinion? The government? Shifting whims? Could be crass comediennes like Michelle Wolfe of “knock the babies outta there” fame will someday find themselves on the shortlist of humans without human rights. In today’s economy, simply getting older and/or having medical problems are morphing into a reason to strip away rights.

Won’t be so funny when puckered-up pro-choice advocates don’t have a choice anymore. Or maybe it will be.

Quadruplet calves born in California

Quadruplet calves born in California

Don’t have a cow, man

Translated, that means don’t make a big deal out of something. So what happens when an actual cow gives birth to multiples – like four calves?

You’ll have to ask ranchers Chuck and Deb Beldo, of Sebeka, Minnesota who were summarily blessed – if you fancy round-the-clock bottle feedings as a good thing. But seriously: “Experts say the odds of a cow having quadruplets is one in 700,000. But the odds of keeping all four alive are even greater – one in 11.2 million,” according to CBS Minnesota.

Check out the video below to get the details:

“I’ve been around cows my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Deb Beldo said.

And yet, three years ago in 2015, DeKalb, Texas ranchers have been there, done that. “Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Moo were born to a red cow owned by Jim and Dora Rumsey Barling on March 16 (2015),” World Now reported.

Check out the amazing reporting here where the quads were farmed out – bad pun, but true – and subsequently DNA was tested to uphold the facts surrounding the calves’ origin:

But wait. There’s more. Check out the wowser at the Zuppan Diary in Orland, California in 2012:

Holy cow!

Is it the water? The feed? Or are U.S. ranchers rearing so many cows that quad births can be expected far more often than constitutes a rarity? Whatever the reason behind these fluke births, they’re not as rare as it seems.

Living beetles as jewelry

Living beetles as jewelry

Creepy crawler or beetle bling?

Vanity is a killer. Women and men will often go to extremes to follow a trend. Check out the video below to get an idea of some of history’s most disturbing and deadly must-dos:

But what about wearing live beetles?

Many people do, at least south of the border. In the video below, you’ll get the skinny on this living trend that could give you the shivers:

Creepy, but interesting.

“The makech, or maquech, is linked to a Yucatán legend involving an ancient princess – often identified as Maya nobility – and her lover,” according to the Smithsonian. “The story has several variations, but the most popular say that the pair’s love was forbidden. The princess was heartbroken when they were discovered and her lover was sentenced to death, so a shaman changed the man into a shining beetle that could be decorated and worn over the princess’s heart as a reminder of their eternal bond.”

Awww, how sweet. And so goes the crazy reasoning behind doing odd things. At least this fashion trend isn’t a health risk … unless you’re the beetle.

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