White House special counsel Kellyanne Conway’s Wednesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day” with anchor Chris Cuomo devolved into a 22-minute verbal sparring match over Judge Roy Moore, Sen. Al Franken, Steve Bannon, Mitt Romney, taxes and foreign policy.

Cuomo first confronted Conway over President Trump’s support for Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate candidate accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with teen girls decades ago.

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Conway tore into Moore’s “liberal Democrat” opponent Doug Jones, and she reminded that the president “wants a reliable vote for taxes for life.”

“The president said something else that you don’t want to reflect. [Moore] has denied those allegations, and the president said you have to take that into account, too,” said Conway.

Cuomo said Trump “would rather have an accused child molester than a Democrat” in the Alabama Senate seat.

Conway responded by bringing up Franken’s sexual-misconduct troubles.

Conway specifically asked Cuomo if he believed Franken should follow in the footsteps of his Democratic colleague, former Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, and resign his seat amid sexual-harassment allegations.

“Let me tell you the hypocrisy we see at every turn. Al Franken is in the Senate right now. He has admitted this, in front of a glowing audience,” Conway said.

“He admitted what?” Cuomo interjected. “That he took a stupid photo? That’s what he admits. He hasn’t admitted that he sexually assaulted somebody.”

“Hey, Chris, did you think it was groping?” Conway asked, holding her hands in a cupping gesture similar to that seen in a photo of Franken with one of his female accusers.

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“I thought it was a stupid photo. I thought it was in poor taste and he needed to own it, and he did,” Cuomo said.

“Wait. Did you just tell the world that Senator Franken took a stupid photo, and, I don’t know, exercised poor judgment, but you’re not troubled by that? Is that because he is a reliable vote for higher taxes, for no border security?” Conway asked Cuomo.

“Yeah. I would love higher taxes. I’m that one person in America that wants their taxes to go up. That’s silly,” Cuomo said with a roll of his eyes.

“The president has said the following: The allegations are troubling. Roy Moore has denied them. The president said they are 40 years old,” she explained.

“So what? Who cares how old they are?” Cuomo shot back.

“I’m reflecting to everybody so they have facts first, Chris. We’re talking apples and not bananas,” she said, mocking CNN’s “Fact’s First” advertising campaign.

“I’m talking apples and not bananas. I’m seeing lots of bananas,” said Conway with a grin.

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