Donald Trump

Donald Trump

NEW YORK – A former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sees Donald Trump’s victory as a continuation of the worldwide populist movement building since Brexit, but he warns anti-globalists that “triumphalism is premature.”

Christopher Monckton told WND the narrow victories for Trump and for the U.K.’s exit from the European Union are “good news for lovers of liberty and prosperity and bad news for the fascists and communists of the left, who have shown their contempt for democracy by protesting that the mere people got it wrong and that the party line ought not to have been rejected.”

Christopher Monckton

Christopher Monckton

But he noted that already the British government, as he had predicted, is delaying the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which gives the EU two years’ notice that the U.K. is leaving.

He said that if British Prime Minister Theresa May can delay the Article 50 process for a couple of more years, she can declare that the 2020 general election will be about whether the voters really want to leave the European Union.”

“A vote for the Tories or Labor or the ‘Liberal Democrats,’ or the Welsh or Scottish Nationalists, she will say, will be a vote to reverse the Brexit decision.”

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Further, Monckton warns that the Clinton camp will not give up easily. Green Party candidate Jill Stein is raising money to challenge the results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and there are efforts to persuade Electoral College electors to not vote according to the popular-vote result in their states.

“Even if they fail, they will do their best in other ways to stop the Trump presidency from succeeding” he said.

Monckton, a WND columnist, drew attention in the United States both for his opposition to the climate change ideology advanced by the political left and his contention that the long-form birth certificate released by President Obama is a computer-generated forgery.

Government debt an enduring problem

While Monckton fully expects Trump will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, he cautions that economic problems compounded during Obama’s two terms in office will not be alleviated easily.

“On both sides of the Atlantic, the central problem is our monstrously excessive and accelerating government debt,” he said.

“Massive contingent liabilities to the voters, unwisely promised in the past, are now rapidly crystallizing, causing a dangerous compound increase in total debt that cannot be long sustained,” Monckton said.

“Mr. Trump, like Mrs. May, will be tempted to be an even bigger spender than Mr. Obama, who near-tripled the U.S. federal debt in just eight years,” he said.

Monckton remains concerned the doubling of the U.S. national debt to nearly $20 trillion under the Obama administration has made the modern welfare state unsustainable.

“So this is not necessarily a good time to be in charge,” he said. “The money has run out, and the effects of the bankruptcy of Western welfare-states such as the U.S. and the U.K. cannot be long deferred.”

Wisdom of conservative principles

He advised Trump not to follow Ronald Reagan’s lead regarding debt.

“Mr. Trump needs to learn from Ronald Reagan, who could not be bothered to read the small economic print and began the process of galloping debt increase that will soon bring down many Western countries,” Monckton said. “He needs to be businesslike and to stop wasteful expenditures at once.”

He reflected on his time advising Thatcher on science-related matters.

“When I worked for Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street, we had an excellent system of control,” he reflected.

“No new expenditure could be approved unless it had first been examined by the prime minister’s policy unit,” he said. “Within two years of this simple control measure being put in place, we were paying back the national debt at a rapid rate — for the first time in 200 years.”

Finally, Monckton advised Trump not to compromise with the political left but to govern based on the conservative policies that propelled him to victory on Nov. 8.

“Mr. Trump should resist the temptation to be a soft-hearted liberal manqué and should instead be what he is — a hard-headed businessman,” Monckton concluded.

“He, of all people, has no excuse for not understanding how many beans make five. He must balance Uncle Sam’s books, and fast, or he will go under, and America with him.”

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