Todd Akin has been a Republican congressman from Missouri for nearly 12 years. This year, he’s locked in a tough GOP Senate primary for the chance to take on embattled Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Akin says McCaskill is out of touch with her state since voters have overwhelmingly rejected the Obama health plan while she continues to defend it.

“A lot of the public has caught on that this is a very bad thing to do to health care,” Akin told WND. “To bring the efficiency of the U.S. government and the compassion of the IRS to your doctor’s office. Not a good idea.”

The congressman also lays out his vision for addressing the economy – radical spending cuts, keeping taxes low and rolling back draconian regulations on American businesses.

Akin also says he expects to win the GOP nomination because he is the only candidate that has already made tough conservative stands on issues ranging from opposition to “No Child Left Behind” to opposing the Wall Street bailout to opposing last summer’s debt-ceiling compromise.

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