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Chick-fil-A lot turns campground for opening

(Baltimore Sun) Forest Hill’s new Chick-fil-A restaurant was the site of a pilgrimage of sorts, as nearly 200 people filled the parking lot with tents, camping gear, games and fellowship Wednesday morning.

The day before a Chick-fil-A opening is now known as an “event” for those who drive hundreds of miles, in the early hours of the morning, to spend time with other fellow Chick-fil-A celebrants.

The restaurant on Route 924 will not formally open until Thursday morning, but the building was already brightly lit and bustling Wednesday, filled with staff members, a table set up to welcome visitors and drinks available for everyone.

Spokeswoman Lindsay Ables said 188 people were lined up by 6 a.m., when the restaurant gave out a one-year supply of free meals to the first 100 hopefuls, aged 18 and older.