The GOP probably could be expected to label Barack Obama “Enemy No. 1” during an election year. Maybe fiscal conservatives who oppose government debt, borrowing and spending, or those who advocate for a stronger and bigger military.

But the Bible Belt?

It’s possible this year, in light of a new advertising campaign being assembled by William Murray, chairman of the ReligiousFreedomCoalition and author of “My Life Without God,” a chronicle of how he was used by his mother, noted atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, as a pawn in a lawsuit through which school prayer was halted across the U.S.

His new ads, being launched in Florida newspapers this weekend, point out what he’s seen Obama do:

  • Directing the Department of Justice to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Allowing same-sex marriages on military bases.
  • Trying to control the hiring policies of Christian schools.
  • Siding with Islamists in the United Nations to create blasphemy laws, like those used to jail Christians in Muslim nations.
  • Mandating that religious schools and hospitals pay for contraception, abortifacients and sterilizations.
  • and order Catholic military chaplains not to read a letter from an archbishop.

“Religious liberty is in danger! Take Action,” state the ads, which urge voters to contact their members of Congress.

Murray, who was raised in an atheist and Marxist home but now promotes Christian values, told WND that his book details his conversion from atheism to Christianity.

He is launching the ads because of the Obama administration’s “threats to religious freedom.”

The first ad is running in the Panama City News Herald, which serves an area that has a large military presence.

“Many of those living in the area fought for religious freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to see Christians persecuted by the predominantly Muslim governments there,” he said.

Followup ads will be in coming days in the Washington County News in Chipley, Fla., and the Holmes County Times Advertiser in Bonifay, Fla. After that the scheduled placement will move south along the Florida Gulf Coast with areas around Tampa and Naples in the next few weeks.

“We have no intention of advertising in large very liberals newspapers such as the St. Petersburg Times. It is not our goal to anger liberals, but to encourage social conservatives to contact their congressmen and senators to demand that Congress block President Barack Obama’s continued attacks on religious liberty with legislation such as that recently offered by Congressman Todd Akin to restore the rights to military chaplains that have been taken from them,” he said.

He pointed out that the Christian faith, on which the nation was founded, has been under attack in recent years. For the most part, those attacks have come from atheists or agnostics or others who are unwilling to tolerate the faith statements and expressions of others.

Murray reported such situations erupt when people want prayers before city council meetings halted, crosses removed from war memorials, or have “In God We Trust” removed from currency.

The coming ad:

He reported, “In the past few decades Bibles have been ripped from the hands of students on school buses and children have been given an ‘F’ or ‘zero’ credit for historical reports that mentioned Jesus or any other biblical historical figure. While the courts have mostly gone along with the demands of the secularists, up until recently the various state governments, our Congress and our presidents have stood by the Judeo-Christians roots of our nation.”

But he said with Obama’s arrival, that stopped.

“Our current president, Barack Obama, has trampled on the religious freedoms of Christians. His administration has demanded that Christian organizations have the same employment rules as night clubs and abortion clinics. He has forced religious employers to furnish health insurance that includes contraceptives and sterilization. If the people understand the extent of the attacks they will work to stop them,” he said.

Murray wants Congress to act on several fronts to counter what he calls a war that Obama and his administration are waging against religious freedom.

As chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition William Murray makes it clear that the ads are not political in nature.

“Our goal is not to affect the election in the fall, but rather to force the Obama administration, through public pressure, to back off its attacks on religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian heritage of this nation,” he said. “These ads remind all Americans of the anti-religious freedom agenda of the Obama administration and encourage them to urge their congressmen and senators to step forward and protect our rights, given by God, and enshrined in our Constitution.”

Murray also reported on Obama’s decision to omit “endowed by their Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence, seven times; and Obama’s decision not to host traditional National Day of Prayer events. Also on Obama’s negotiations with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to “enact speech laws in American requiring ‘respect’ for Islam.”

“As chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition … I know firsthand how the Obama administration first defunded, then conspired to shut down the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom,” he said. “Obama wants the American public to believe Shariah law, which permits honor killings, is no different than American constitutional law.”

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