WASHINGTON – It’s a big week for new releases in the WND Superstore.

The biggest of them all is the long-awaited sequel to the WND Books bestseller, “The Islamic Antichrist,” featured on Glenn Beck’s program, a book that has changed the eschatological views of many evangelical Christians since its release two years ago.

The new book, officially not released publicly to bookstores around North America until September, is available now, autographed by the author, for immediate shipping. It’s called “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist.”

This book picks up where the last one left off – with even more biblical evidence that the long-anticipated Antichrist will be a figure from the Middle East, a Muslim.

Whereas most students of the Bible have long held that some form of humanism or universalist religion would catapult the Antichrist to world power, “Mideast Beast” systematically makes the case that the Antichrist is even now before us and knocking at thedoor.

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But that’s just the beginning of the new offerings at the WND Superstore this week:

  • “A Shot of Faith to the Head: Be a Confident Believer in an Age of Cranky Atheists,” by Mitch Stokes: Secular, skeptical, disillusioned. These are the traits that mark our age – encouraged by outspoken atheists who insist that faith is naive and belief is dangerous. But what if the atheists are the irrational ones? Can their beliefs withstand the rigorous examination that they demand from others? In this book, Stokes, senior fellow of philosophy at New Saint Andrews College, dismantles the claims of skeptics and atheists, while constructing a simple yet solid case for Christian belief. This profound yet accessible book proves the rationality, consistency, and reliability of the Christian approach to science and life. If you have ever doubted that your beliefs can stand up to scrutiny-if you’ve ever doubted your beliefs-this book dissolves the questions. For atheists, it is a wake-up call. For Christians, it’s “A Shot of Faith to the Head.”
  • “Pictorial Life of George Washington,” (Hardcover) by John Frost: Here’s an excerpt from chapter one: When in the progress of the world’s affairs, a great work is to be accomplished, the reformation of religion, the discovery of a new world, the subjection of barbarous nations to the mild sway of civilization, the resistance of political oppression, or the founding of a great republic, it appears to be the order of Divine Providence to raise up and prepare a great man for effecting the object. Such a man was George Washington. He was the chosen instrument for laying the foundations of the republic on whose prosperity and perpetuity the hopes of human freedom rest. … Originally published in 1848, the book embraces a complete history of The Seven Years’ war, the Revolutionary War, the formation of the federal Constitution and the administration of Washington. This gorgeous reprint features an embossed hardback cover with a full-color image of the young George Washington in British uniform and crisp clean pages displaying the original work of J. Frost’s tribute to our first president. There are more than 600 pages of captivating history featuring more than 100 engravings and illustrations of the remarkable life and times of George Washington.
  • “Start to Follow: How to be a Successful Follower of Christ,” by Greg Laurie: Anything short of discipleship is settling for less than what God really desires for us. When we fail to respond to His call, we fall short of His perfect will and miss out on living the Christian life as it truly was meant to be lived. Is your life challenging? Exciting? Does it have purpose and direction? Or do you find yourself depressed, aimless, or even afraid? If your Christian experience is dull, unfulfilling, or boring, then it s time to seriously examine the statements of Jesus concerning discipleship. What the world needs more of today is Christians who are full of joy and completely fearless. That’s a snapshot of a real disciple.
  • “Hope for America,” by Greg Laurie: Is there hope for America? YES, but … don’t bother looking for it in a fresh set of politicians, a turn-around of the economy, or a resurgence of military might. Our hope as a nation in fact, our very survival turns on our relationship with the living God, the God of our founding fathers. Will America experience revival … or will we be one more failed nation on the ash heap of history? Greg Laurie shows how the revival that will change America begins with the church … and each one of us. See the rest of Greg Laurie’s works in the WND Superstore.

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