Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has long been a vocal critic of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). His position only intensified after the TSA detained him at length earlier this year and caused him to miss a flight and an important speech in Washington.

Paul says it’s time to abolish the TSA and claims to have bipartisan support for his plan. Paul insists this effort is not because of his own experience but because the very young, very old and frequent travelers have been humiliated by a system that he calls “ridiculous.”

“I think we need to respect passengers’ privacy and dignity. I think the best way would be to privatize it and so these people would actually work for the airlines … and I think it would be more likely they’d take into consideration your satisfaction,” Paul told WND.

Paul explains why he believes TSA measures are not necessary to maintain secure flights and asks how far the invasive techniques must go before Congress makes changes. He also highlights some the principles he wants to include in a new passenger “bill of rights” and why he thinks airport security should be handled by private firms and possibly by the airlines themselves.

“We already have examples of private companies working but the president has not allowed any new privatization projects. Mostly that is because he wants to grow the government union that supplies the personnel for TSA,” said Paul.

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