Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh tends to avoid the topic of Obama’s citizenship, but this week he talked about the president’s hazy personal history, including Obama’s “potentially criminal use of a Connecticut-based Social Security number” (FREE audio).

“Does this pass the smell test?” – Limbaugh also had fun with a news report claiming that “dinosaur farts and burps” contributed to global warming.

A climate change skeptic, Rush called the thesis “one of the most stupid assertions I have in encountered in 25-plus years of deep study of the environmentalist-wacko movement” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Savage was furious after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Islam while addressing a Muslim audience in Bangladesh.

“Why does this administration find it necessary,” Savage wondered, “to bend over backwards and tell us a big lie about the wonders of Islam?”

America, he added, is now a “land where our worst enemies are praised but our allies are stiffed.”

Savage isn’t very impressed by the Republicans, either. He informed listeners that “a very highly placed individual who really knows the ins and outs of both parties … told me the Republicans really want to lose this election.”

Why? Because then “the Republicans can pretend to be against ‘big government’ while they dip their beaks into the public treasury like never before” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Only Aaron Klein would interview a senior leader of al-Qaida in one segment and comedy legend Jackie Mason the next!

Rounding out Klein’s program this week: an exclusive interview with John Bolton. The Cold War may be over, but Bolton maintains that Russia still poses a threat to the United States.

Mark Levin

The results of the Wisconsin and West Virginia elections prove that “the Tea Party is alive and strong” and “the Reagan Democrats are back,” declared Mark Levin.

It’s no coincidence, Levin added, that Obama suddenly came out in support of gay “marriage” the day after these votes were cast. The president rightly senses that he and the Democrats need to rally their progressive base (FREE audio).

Levin also provided listeners with a history lesson, explaining precisely how the media has defended and protected corrupt Democrats, going back as far as JFK and LBJ, all the way up to the present day (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham inadvertently angered some listeners this week, when she made fun of adults who line up to see comic book movies like “The Avengers” on opening weekends.

“You’re not an Avenger,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Now go cut the grass and take care of your kids.”

Ironically, the angry, juvenile response to Ingraham’s offhand quip inadvertently proved her point about some people’s immaturity!

Also this week: Ingraham stuck mostly to politics, chatting with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Haley Barbour and candidate Richard Mourdock, the day before his historic defeat of Indiana’s longtime senator Richard Lugar (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck may not be on television any longer, but he’s still on the radio, a medium he calls “the most powerful form of communication out there.”

Beck is featured in the MediaBistroTV series “My First Big Break,” talking about his childhood fascination with radio and how he broke into the broadcasting business (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Progressives live in the past. Even in the year 2012, so-called “progressives” remain obsessed by their glory days of the 1960s and 1970s, when they wielded enormous political and cultural power.

They see everything through this cracked rear view mirror, which may explain this bizarre screed by MSNBC radio host Mike Papantonio (FREE audio).

No doubt leaving younger listeners scratching their heads, Papantonio tried to equate Mitt Romney with Barry Goldwater. The 1964 GOP presidential candidate was fatally smeared by LBJ’s notorious “Daisy” ad, which strongly suggested that Goldwater was a trigger happy warmonger.

For better or worse, such fascinating footnotes are “ancient history” to many Americans (it doesn’t help that you’re using a highly visual TV commercial to make a point on the radio!).

It’s revealing that the harder they try to sound “relevant,” the more old fashioned and out of touch so many leftists sound.

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