Just before Christmas, House Republicans and Senate Democrats were at a stalemate over extending the existing payroll tax rates.
Republicans demanded a year-long extension and approved that plan in the House. Senate Democrats refused to go along and passed the two-month extension.

GOP House leaders demanded a conference committee to hammer out a compromise but Senate leaders adjourned and left the House to approve its version or allow payroll tax rates to rise.

After several days, House Republicans relented but promised a vigorous fight weeks later. That moment has now arrived.

Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.) is a member of the House Budget Committee.  He tells WND what Republicans want in a deal to extend the rates until the end of the year and how tough it will be to reach a compromise with the Senate this time around.

Lankford also explains what happened back in December when Senate Republicans ended up backing the two-month deal and assuming the House would support it as well.

Listen to the interview.

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