I participated in a conference over the weekend, which included Adm.
Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen.
Jack Singlaub, constitutional champion, John de la Brown, former member
of Parliament, and a group of other distinguished experts. During one of
the breaks, an audience member approached me with one of those questions
to which there is no simple answer. It has been a re-occurring topic on
my radio talk show: “Why doesn’t the main stream media report important
significant news?” I have asked that question myself … often. However,
depending the day of the week, the phase of the moon and a gaggle of
other variables, the answers vary.

Last week, Senator Inhofe noted, “On March 15, I began my speech by
asking the American people to listen as I told them ‘a story of
espionage, conspiracy, deception, and cover-up — a story with life and
death implications for millions of Americans — a story about national
security and a President and an administration that deliberately chose
to put national security at risk, while telling the people everything
was fine.’ In the three months since I made these statements, none has
been refuted.”

So why isn’t ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the others all over this stuff like
white on rice? Why has the same industry that was relentless in
exploiting charges against Judge Clarence Thomas and Sen. Bob Packwood,
failed to follow up on credible rape allegations against an elected
official with a documented history of sexual impropriety and chronic

Some claim the mainstream malfeasance is a direct function of a grand
socialist conspiracy. I don’t buy that. I really don’t believe the
failures of American reportage is organized, manipulated, and managed —
at least not directly. There is a quote attributed to David Rockefeller,
which may be apocryphal or real. Allegedly, it was transcribed from a
Bilderberg meeting in June 1991 in Baden-Baden, Germany. Several years
ago, I even heard a tape of the infamous quote, and I’m still reluctant
to accept its authenticity. However, in the patriot, Constitutionalists,
and Libertarian communities it is legend.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time
Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our
meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty
years.” He went on to explain: “It would have been impossible for us to
develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of
publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and
prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national
sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely
preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past

I don’t know … it makes for good talk show fodder, and it sure sounds
consistent with the actions of the mainstream. It offers a capsulated
“reasonable” rationalization for what many believe and/or want to
believe. I just have difficulty accepting David would actually say it …
much less believe it. Besides, the world is not more sophisticated, and
is not prepared to march united toward anything let alone “world
government.” Sure the “controllers” want that ultimate control. However,
globalist’s wannabe control is diminishing, not consolidating.
“Supernational sovereignty”? The globalists don’t care Jack-spit about
any kind of sovereignty. Control to manipulate profits … sure. As for the
alleged “national autodetermination practices in past centuries,” the
international bankers know better than anyone else, that there hasn’t
been “autodetermination” since civilization moved beyond autonomous

Management of the mainstream media are my contemporaries. We went to
college in the ’60s. A lot of the boomer news managers suffer from the
same moral, philosophic, and ethical flaws of this administration that
would gag a maggot. Although Bill Clinton may be the epitome of moral,
ethical, and narcissistic excesses, in varying degrees those who decide
what to report — and not report — share a kindred spirit.

It has been widely reported that most of the beltway media types voted
for Clinton. The personal support for the president arguably has tainted
professional judgment. Support for the president and defense of the
president kinda validates their own closely guarded sense of self worth.
Maybe … .

Last week Senator Inhofe said, “I fully realize that the majority of
Americans will not believe me. They have continued to believe our
president even after he has demonstrated over and over that he has no
regard for the truth.” Why does he say that? Because the only critical
voices are positioned as partisan. Gutless politicians who KNOW and are
privately appalled by the conduct of their “leader” maintain the code of
silence. They protect and give sustenance to the criminal for fear of
being tainted by his crimes. In so doing, they are actually compounding
their own crimes.

The Cox report has revealed the Clinton administration has in fact
helped China in its technology acquisition efforts or made it easier for
them to commit thefts and espionage.

Although the news nabobs have been AWOL, the Cox Report and, more
recently, the Rudman Report have revealed a data dump of information on
how the Clinton administration has eviscerated national security in
order to follow its delinquent foreign policies and egocentric domestic
political agendas.

Inhofe notes that “on the one hand, there is the mind-boggling story of
how the Clinton administration deliberately changed almost 50 years of
bipartisan security policies — relaxing export restrictions, signing
waivers to allow technology transfers, ignoring China’s violation of
arms control agreements, and its theft of our nuclear secrets, opening
up even more nuclear and high technology floodgates to China and others
— thus harming U.S. national security.” That decision was Clinton’s
Rubicon. AND it should have been the red flag (or starting flag) for the
media defenders of the indefensible. The deliberate and arrogant policy
decision to remove oversight from both the Defense Department and State
Department and transfer authority to his Commerce Department bagman
SHOULD have fired up ANY alleged newsperson. Even a self-absorbed fraud
like Jerry Rivers (a.k.a. Geraldo Rivera) could have smelled the stink
of that decision.

Meanwhile, there is the continuing cover-up. Pick a euphemism:
disingenuous, duplicitous, less than forthcoming, selective memory loss.
Excrement by any other name is … well, you know what it is. This ongoing
campaign to hide from Congress and the American people the real and
significant damage that has been (and allegedly continues to be) done to
national security, and the Clinton administration’s central role in
allowing the volume of it to happen on their watch, is obstruction.

Back in March when Inhofe started speaking out so aggressively (and
before his airplane mysteriously lost a prop in flight) he spoke of “six
proven incontrovertible facts.” They bear repeating:

  1. President Clinton hosted over 100 campaign fund-raisers in the White
    House, many with Chinese connections.

  2. President Clinton used John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, James
    Riady, and others with strong Chinese ties, to raise campaign money.

  3. President Clinton signed waivers to allow his top campaign
    fund-raiser’s aerospace company to transfer U.S. missile guidance
    technology to China.

  4. President Clinton covered up the theft of our most valuable nuclear
    weapons technology.

  5. President Clinton lied to the American people over 130 times about
    our nation’s security while he knew Chinese missiles were aimed at
    American children.

  6. President Clinton single-handedly stopped the deployment of a
    national missile defense system, exposing every American life to a
    missile attack, leaving America with no defense whatsoever against an
    intercontinental ballistic missile.

Why does the mainstream ignore prime grist for their mill? Because they
can … for now. However, unless or until the socialist darlings succeed in
killing the Bill of Rights, there is a sea change happening. It may seem
self-serving to some of you for me to say this, but I am repeating what
is becoming a refrain. Talk radio and the Internet is making a
difference. The significant, compelling (and damaging) news, which is
being routinely and consistently ignored by the mainstream, is finding
its way to the American people.

The media monopoly is either going to have to fill the vacuum they
created, or allow the Internet and talk radio to flourish unchallenged.
Ultimately (to the media mavens), money talks and BS walks. When some
network bean counter has his or her epiphany and realizes that the
erosion of their market share is not the function of demographics, but
rather the mainstream’s arrogant myopia and self-serving subjectivity,
“maybe” they will fix what needs fixing.

Until the mainstream acknowledges their diminishing return is a direct
function of lousy news judgment and an abandonment of objectivity, Talk
radio, WorldNetDaily, and other online services offering what is ignored
by the networks — will continue to grow.

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