After the presidential election of 1996, my non-profit news
organization was audited and threatened with losing its tax-exempt
status because I, the executive director, had dared to investigate and
criticize the incumbent president in an election year.

I kid you not. This really happened — in America. Of course, the
action was initiated by the most politically ruthless and corrupt
administration in the history of the United States. And the action by
the Internal Revenue Service is the subject of two lawsuits by the
Western Journalism Center, the parent company of

I remind you of this history because I am about to repeat the action
that caused me so much grief back in 1996. I am about to (gasp!)
criticize an incumbent vice president who is a declared candidate for
president of the United States. Get ready you slackjawed bureaucrats and
jackbooted thugs over there at the IRS. OK, here goes. …

Al Gore is a racist. That’s right. I said it and I’m proud. Al Gore
is a white supremacist as much as any white-hooded Ku Klux Klansman you
have ever seen. His cracker Tennessee plantation-owning forefathers
would be proud of their descendant. Al Gore oozes white bigotry from
every pore in his redneck body.

Worse yet, Gore combines his racism with socialism. That’s a
dangerously potent combination. Remember that racist national socialism
brought the world to war in the 1940s and resulted in a human holocaust.

No, this is not just inflammatory hyperbole. My assessment is based
on real evidence.

Al Gore told a Los Angeles audience yesterday that
government-mandated affirmative action — or what he termed “special
efforts” in hiring, promotions and contracting — for blacks and
Hispanics must continue because those policies and those policies alone
represent the only chance minorities have to catch up to whites in
wealth accumulation.

That, my friend, no matter how you slice it, is a racist concept. In
other words, blacks and Hispanics are not smart enough, enterprising
enough, ambitious enough and creative enough to achieve on their own —
they need the government to intervene on their behalf, giving them a
preference or holding back the competition.

Al Gore is for racial profiling. Oh, he doesn’t say that. It’s not
fashionable to be in favor of racial profiling because police agencies
use that technique to determine which kind of people are the most likely
suspects. But Al Gore has determined that blacks and Hispanics should
get preference in hiring and contracting decisions because their racial
profiles suggest their groups have been held back from economic

If Gore were not a racist, and simply a socialist, he would say that
all poor people, regardless of their race and ethnic background,
deserved a break — deserved a preference. Let’s face it. There are many
poor whites in America. Many of them come from families that have been
poor for generations through no fault of their own. Does it make sense
that a well-educated, middle-class black person should be given a
preference for a job over an equally qualified white person with half
the income? Is that fair?

Now personally, as a believer in freedom, not socialism, I don’t
think a person’s wealth should be any determinant as to qualification
any more than I think race should be a factor. But that’s me, and I’ve
got some quaint, old-fashioned ideas about inalienable rights, limited
government and personal responsibility.

Al Gore, on the other hand, is a materialist. He believes people need
to be forced to behave in the best interest of the state. To do that,
you need to divide and conquer, pit one class against another, play the
politics of envy.

“At a time when African-Americans earn just 62 cents on each dollar
that white Americans earn, don’t you think it’s time for an equal day’s
pay for an equal day’s work?” he asks rhetorically.

In other words, we should pay people not based on the work they do as
individuals, but by the color of their skin. That’s racism. That’s
socialism. That’s fascism.

“I’ve heard the critics of affirmative action,” he says. “They’re in
favor of affirmative action if you can dunk the basketball or sink a
three-point shot. But they’re not in favor of it if you merely have the
potential to be a leader of your community and bring people together, to
teach people who are hungry for knowledge, to heal families who need
medical care.”

Well, I have to admit, Al is talking over my head here. I’m not quite
sure I can keep up with him. Who exactly is it that is in favor of
affirmative action when it comes time to dunking a basketball? Pardon
me, but I haven’t noticed anyone clamoring to force the NBA to hire more
white players. But then again, Al Gore knows a lot more about basketball
than I do. I had always thought Michael Jordan was the best player in
the NBA, and Al Gore straightened me out by reminding the nation it was
Michael Jackson, you will recall. But forgive him for that. You know how
all those rich, black folk look alike and sound alike to racists like Al

Interestingly, in his talk in L.A., Gore noted that the wage gap
between blacks and whites had shrunk dramatically in recent years, but
that wasn’t good enough. Now, Al Gore the racist wants to make sure that
we look at the net worth of the races and implement affirmative action
until we have equality not only in income but in terms of assets.

I’m not kidding. This is what he told his audience in L.A. yesterday.

Interestingly, most of those in attendance at Gore’s speech,
according to an Associated Press report, were black. The meeting was in
Bel Air, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world, and those
present paid $1,000 each to attend the political fund-raiser.

Now, maybe you understand where the political payoff is when it comes
to the politics of wealth redistribution.

It’s also an illustration of why Gore is racist and not just
socialist. If he were simply a socialist, he would be trying to pick the
pockets of those attending his meeting — wealthy over-achievers who
could afford 1,000 bucks for a lunch and a peek at the vice president in
Bel Air. Instead, he’s advocating that those rich folks at that meeting
get economic preference over much poorer white folks.

That’s raw-boned racism at its worst — especially when he justifies
such theft by proclaiming that minorities aren’t capable of achieving on
their own merits.

The folks at that meeting ought to ask for their money back. They’ve
been insulted by one of the new breed of redneck racist politicians. And
they don’t even know it.

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