Why would two boys plan for a year the destruction of their high school and the massacre of their fellow classmates? How many Americans really want the answer to that question? Very few, if what we hear on the talk shows and the nightly news is indicative of their beliefs and thoughts. A survey of the proposed answers to that question will make my point: the availability of guns, the Internet, the parents. The solutions proffered? Ban guns and require gun locks, censor the Internet and hold parents responsible for the crimes of their children. For those who believe government regulation and legislation are solutions, you are one of two things: either woefully naive, or deliberately deceptive because of some ulterior motive or political agenda.

I know what some of you are thinking: “What gives you the right or wisdom to offer your explanation and reject all others?” I’ll answer indirectly: The intellectual elite have succeeded in convincing the American people there are no absolutes other than the laws of our physical world. Too many of us have accepted this ignorant fallacy. The resulting belief is that we cannot judge, because everything is relative. Everyone has a right to form their own system of morality; there are no absolute rights and wrongs. That IS absolutely wrong. But it is a belief that is widely held. Therefore, we have entered an age of the never-ending cycle of “question asking” even though we have preposterously presupposed the absence of any answers.

What happens next? The very same people who have convinced us there is no such thing as truth, or in other words, a definitive answer, then propose to us the most simplistic, shallow, and ludicrous solutions. For example: The reason the children of Columbine High died was because of the availability of guns to children. This system of manipulation is quite ingenious and obviously very effective. Let’s leave these fools behind and search for the truth ourselves.

Allow me to make a dogmatic statement of fact.

There is a God.

I’ll go on. God created this world and the universe according to His perfect plan. He designed everything to conform to His laws. His laws encompass not just the physical world of the elements, plants, and animals, but also the laws of society, behavior, and relationships. These laws are called “the laws of nature.” Now, all laws, whether made by man, or by God, can be broken. When we break the laws of man, we are sometimes required to accept the consequences. But many times, we are not held to account by human judges. Unlike man’s judgment, God’s is perfect and universal; when we break the laws of nature, man is always, sooner or later, subject to the consequences either individually or as a society.

In a perfect world, all societies would conform their customs, traditions, laws, and institutions to God’s plan. This would allow every individual member of every society the best odds to achieve happiness despite their own sinful natures and shortcomings. This is what the founding fathers of our country had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the constitutions of the states and national government, and the other laws of our land. Many of them, like Thomas Jefferson, learned Hebrew in order to study God’s biblical system of law in the original tongue. Jefferson also taught himself Anglo-Saxon. Why? He said the Anglo-Saxons had a system remarkably similar to the Hebrews — the “best form of government ever devised.” In fact, a scholarly study reviewing the writings of the founders discovered that they referenced the Old Testament more than any other work.

We have rejected the biblically based, constitutional system which is every Americans’ birthright. It began slowly, only gaining speed over time, like a boulder rolling downhill. Incrementally, over the last century and a half, our forefathers have rejected God’s plan for their own design. This is called social engineering. Naturally, there are consequences. One can see that the penalties for our cumulative crimes are cumulative as well. The stakes are high. The results are getting scary. The road back to a moral society is confusing because we have taken such a tortured route to our present location.

We do, however, have a road map. It is called the Bible. Pick it up. Read it from cover to cover. Study it. Compare every so-called solution to its profound and perfect reason; reject all which contradict its truth. We don’t have to go back to the fork in the road from which we took the first turn in the wrong direction. Up ahead there is always another fork which God provides to lead us back to that narrow road called “His way.”

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