An unnamed spokesman for the White House has told Reuters news service that a Senate trial of President Clinton would “paralyze” the country.

Hmmmm. I hardly know where to start in dissecting this most interesting statement.

But, I guess the best place to begin is with this administration’s fundamental distortion of the proper role of government. This is hardly anything new. These guys don’t just think the president’s job is to run the executive branch of government, or even the entire federal government, they believe his job is actually to run every aspect of life in America.

This is not the first time such arrogant statements have been made by this administration. And they are not always made under the cloak of anonymity. Clinton himself has talked about the importance of putting the impeachment issue behind us so we can “get back to the business of running the country.”

Who the heck does this guy think he is? Does he really believe that if he dropped dead tomorrow that the world would stop? Does he think planes would not take off and land on time? Does he believe hospitals would stop treating patients? Does he think automobile manufacturers’ assembly lines would shut down? Does he believe that life as we know it would cease to exist?

Clinton’s entire entourage in the White House apparently thinks the president is a god. He’s not a president, in the way George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison thought of a president. He’s a pharaoh, a caesar, a divine king. There’s no other explanation for the words they use, the reverence they demand, the blind loyalty they expect.

That’s the biggest reason Clinton must go — now — if only the cowards and collaborators in Congress would understand.

But that’s just the first of many problems I have with this incredible, guileful statement. No wonder it was made anonymously. Because, on another level, this statement is a threat. And that’s the way the Congress ought to view it. Clinton has threatened interns. He’s threatened Cabinet officers. Now he’s threatening other branches of government. He’ll threaten anyone as long as he can get away with it.

Now is the chance to stop him — once and for all.

This time, it’s a threat no one should fear — certainly not average Americans. And this is the message that needs to be heard across this country. If indeed Washington could be paralyzed by an impeachment trial, that’s all the more reason we should be hoping for one — praying for one.

The less government does, the fewer freedoms we will all be deprived of. Is that anything to fear? That’s the bottom line. It’s a fact.

Listen to the rest of the anonymous spokesman’s statement: “This is something that could make it very difficult to focus on the real issues for a long period of time.”

What real issues? Grabbing more guns? Eviscerating the Second Amendment? Instituting a national ID card plan? More socialist schemes?

I say, let the paralysis begin. En masse, Americans ought to be asking of this anonymous spokesman from the White House: Is that a promise or a threat?

It reminds me of all those dreaded government shutdowns Clinton has used to intimidate Republicans into submission. What do they really mean to average Americans? They mean the furlough of “non-essential employees.”

Non-essential? If they are non-essential, why are they employees at all? Who needs them? For that matter, who needs most of the so-called “essential” federal government employees?

Are you kidding? If those government shutdowns could only be extended! Then they would be meaningful. They would mean less taxation, more freedom, less coercion.

I could live with that. Could you?

So bring it on. Let’s have an impeachment party. Maybe, just maybe a side benefit will be that Americans learn they don’t need or want a holy emperor. Maybe that realization will lead them to question the need for some of the other princelings of the federal bureaucracy.

What Clinton’s latest threat really illustrates is desperation. He’s finally run some of the numbers and come to the conclusion that he will be, God willing, only the second U.S. president ever impeached by the House of Representatives.

That’s quite a legacy. And he deserves every bit of it and more.

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