I coined a term just about a year ago — “gender-cide.” I had hoped it would catch on with the popular culture as a way of shorthanding China’s barbaric one-child-per-family policy that has resulted in, by the most conservative estimates, 50 million “missing” women from the planet today.

No, they weren’t abducted by aliens. “Missing” is the polite terminology used to describe their condition by the United Nations World Health Organization. “Dead” would be more accurate and to the point.

An obscure WHO report, buried by the organization, found there were 50 million fewer women in China than should be expected. The U.N. agency explained they were “victims of female feticide, selective malnourishment or girls, lack of investment in women’s health and various forms of violence.”

The truth is they were victims of official government-sponsored “gender-cide.” It wasn’t food these girls were lacking. It wasn’t women’s health care facilities. In most cases, they were killed while still in their mothers’ wombs because their parents were given no choice by the totalitarian government. In other cases, the little girls were victims of infanticide — killed or left to die of neglect simply because they weren’t boys.

Such a practice is alarming enough — but this week two U.S. officials went out of their way to praise “family planning progress” in China. And, worse yet, these two officials were not pilloried, disgraced or run out of Washington on a rail for making such remarks.

Frank Loy, undersecretary of state for global affairs, told a conference on women and population that he would fight to restore U.S. funding for United Nations population programs, including those in China.

Loy, according to an Associated Press report, acknowledged occasional problems and abuses over the years in China, but said U.S. officials would, in the future, “react firmly to allegations of coercion and abuse.”

“We don’t expect to see radical changes everywhere overnight,” Loy said. “But our staff has already seen some changes for the better.”

I wonder how a man of no conscience like this would have suggested handling Nazi Germany? The comparison is hardly outrageous. China, through its draconian population-control program alone, has killed far more people than Hitler. In this case, they were all babies or small children. To this, Mr. Loy says we should be patient. We should trust the promises and good intentions of the butchers of Beijing.

Notice, too, how Loy contradicts his own argument. At once he condemns the “terrible, immediate human consequences” of the U.S. decision to suspend support for U.N. programs like those in China and praises the positive changes taking place there. Rural women, he suggests, are now receiving reproductive health care for the first time, and doctors, he claims, are better equipped to act in the best interests of patients. If that were true, why would we want to change course? It sounds like the U.S. decision to pull out of such programs is working.

Loy was not the only U.S. official apologizing for, condoning and excusing the atrocities of Chinese gender-cide. A Republican congressman joined him in condemning anti-abortion forces for targeting the U.N. program in China.

“This I cannot understand and do not respect,” said Rep. John Porter, R-IL, who claimed to oppose abortion personally and support “family planning” as a life-saving alternative.

Porter said it is “nonsensical” to deny funding to the U.N. programs because of what has happened in China — meaning that women are routinely forced to have abortions for second pregnancies, that abortions for purposes of sex selection are encouraged and that babies are killed or allowed to die of neglect by the millions because they are not boys.

It makes my blood boil to imagine that Americans — any Americans — could even think like this. But when they are U.S. government officials proudly, boastfully, arrogantly making such remarks without being roundly denounced as accessories to mass murder, I can’t understand it. Shame on you, Frank Loy and John Porter. It’s men like you — who can’t distinguish between black and white, right and wrong, moral and immoral — that are dragging this country down toward destruction.

I know it’s time to throw out lots of rascals in Washington. Besides Clinton, this pair would be at the top of my list.

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