Jack Phillips

2 major Christian groups
adopt gay-rights 'compromise'

Effort to protect religious institutions leaves bakers, florists vulnerable


Vimeo shuts down religious group's messages

Company allows users to post videos, if they're politically correct


Hawaii: Gun-carry ban legitimate
because it's century old

Appeals court considers challenge to rule hindering self-defense

Flag and Constitution

Court rules company's sand 'not property'

No compensation after county law made leases worthless


Quit assaulting kids, TSA told

Legal team writes letter over pat-down of 13-year-old that left her in tears

Nativity-2 600x300

Columnist calls for Christian Christmas cards

'What is wrong with this country?'


Christmas kindness: Inspirational & infectious

Exclusive: Brent Smith urges readers to be generous with time, money

Gay school classroom education

University: Our nondiscrimination policy
trumps Constitution

Says it has right to banish Christian groups from campus benefits


Murder investigation focuses
on sale of land to Jews

Police believe man is dead due to being intermediary for transactions


California sued for keeping
DNA of innocent people

'No legitimate interest in retaining samples from people who have no felony convictions'