President Trump speaks to reporters June 21, 2018, at a Cabinet meeting at the White House (Video screenshot)

Mainstream media fact checks:
Obama separated families

Newspaper publisher McClatchy refutes 'prevailing belief'

U.S. border with Mexico stretches more than 1,950 miles, much of it unpatrolled.

Voters: Parents to blame
for separation of kids at border

Poll finds only 1 in 3 convinced government more at fault

Secret Service agents protect President Trump on Inauguration Day (Photo: Twitter)

Limbaugh: Media 'going to get somebody killed'

Warns 'this hatred is a poison. It is intensifying because there's no outlet for it'

Laurence Key (mugshot)

Police: Dem activist threatens to murder congressman's children

'If you're going to separate kids at the border, I'm going to kill his kids'


Judge: Kansas cannot require citizenship proof from voters

Lashes out at secretary of state for failing to follow her instructions

President Trump

Trump signs order to keep families
together at border

President applies quick fix amid national outcry


Top-cop candidate promotes
'cop bashing' image

'Democrats have become so comfortable demonizing police officers'


TV weathercasters now push 'global warming'

'The more it gets talked about, the more it's normalized'

Typewriter detailed macro closeup typing text Newsflash, large detail vintage press, TV, radio, internet mass media journalism metaphor, newspapers, magazines, broadcasting television journalist latest news flash concept studio shot, horizontal

Internet chaos 1 step closer?

EU committee adopts provision that is viewed as ban on links

Maajid Nawaz (Wikimedia Commons)

CAIR-linked firm behind SPLC smear
of Muslim activist

Left-wing group apologized, paid $3.4 million